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Love Communications is one of the western region’s most prominent full-service advertising and marketing firms, with more than 40 full-time marketing specialists across multiple disciplines.

Our business is branding organizations, re-branding organizations and rejuvenating the brands of organizations. In fact, we have a simple philosophy that directs everything we do: "Drive sales overnight and build brands over time.” We believe that a brand is a promise of value. You make the promise a reality by developing an integrated communications campaign that consistently delivers on that promise, thus building brand equity. And creating an emotional connection between a consumer and your brand is where we come in.

Because creating that emotional connection is what we do extremely well, and what we do every day. We take our gamut of services -- brand development and creative production, media planning and buying, data and analytics, account management and brand implementation, PR and community outreach -- and provide those services to our clients, all under the Love "brand" umbrella. Our job is to make your message stick and make your customers take notice. And Love Communications' whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-its parts approach is yet another reason we remind you that all you need is Love.

Love Communications

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