Ripe Inc.


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Drive increased bookings to lodging partners while creating a better experience for travelers and tangible results for you.

With Ripe, destinations across North America are fully capitalizing on the demand they create, along with a wide variety of events, resorts, and attractions.

Destination Marketing Organizations

Better service travelers at the optimal moment when they are primed to book, drive commission-free bookings to lodging constituents and capture first-party data and travel intelligence in the process.

Special Event Organizers

Put money in your pocket by doubling your website as a lodging platform. Ripe ensures a seamless experience for attendees and takes care of the burden of providing event-related accommodations.

Resorts & Attractions

Don’t let a complicated booking process detract from guests’ excitement to visit. Keep the attention on you, the main attraction. By incorporating a commissionable booking engine on your website, lodging and revenue generation have never been easier.