Saranoni Luxury Blankets & Gifts

Saranoni Luxury Blankets & Gifts


Phone Number (435) 755-3200
There's a blanket for everyone from babies, employees, and those in need. Our variety of products are perfect for any occasion.

We have set ourselves apart with our unique product offerings. Our signature blankets include our Lush, Bamboni, Grand, and Muslin blankets. We also offer a variety of bedding options, nursery accessories, and cozy robes. We use the highest quality fibers, knit all of our own fabric to our specifications, and cut and sew each blanket by hand. Each blanket is sewn by a master sewer to ensure top-quality blankets that last years. Relationships are important to us and we have built relationships with individuals and families who work with us to create the patterns, knit the fabric, and sew the blankets that become Saranoni’s. We are grateful for the many skilled individuals who come together with us to deliver you something exceptional. They are part of our Saranoni family and we know and love them personally. We believe we can make a difference in the world by serving those around us. We and others are lifted up when we reach out to help in small ways to make an impact for good. Our global impact spans from Logan, UT to Cambodia and Africa.

700 W 1700 S Suite 108
Logan, UT 84321

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