Guided Fly Fishing

Guided Fly Fishing

Guided Fly Fishing


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Monday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sundance Resort provides year-round guided fly fishing trips on the Provo River, Weber River and other local streams and private waters.

Sundance guides are knowledgeable, skilled, personable and they are prepared to work with all levels of experience. Each guided fly fishing trip includes one guide for every two guests to maximize the attention each guest receives.

Just five minutes from Sundance Mountain Resort you’ll find one of the premier Blue Ribbon trout fisheries in the world: the Provo River. The Provo River is known for its large German Brown Trout, easy wading access, prolific hatches and stunning beauty. These features combine to create a world-class fishing experience any time of the year.

Plan your trip by calling 801.223.4125 or book online.

*Waivers and fishing licenses must be acquired before each trip.

Provo River

The world-famous Provo River is conveniently located five minutes from Robert Redford’s Sundance Mountain Resort. The Blue Ribbon trout fishery of the Provo River flows a vast 81 miles from the high Uinta Mountains down into the beautiful Provo Valley. The Provo River consists of three very different sections, referred to as the upper Provo, middle Provo and lower Provo. The Middle and Lower Provo River sections are both spectacular tail waters.

The Provo River is home to more than 8,000 wild German Brown and Rainbow trout per mile. The average fish that populate the Provo River are an incredible 14 – 20 inches in size, with trophy trout exceeding an amazing 25 inches. The Provo River offers a wide range of fishing year around, ranging from dry fly fishing in the early spring, nymphing in the summer, fun fall streamer action and a good winter Midge hatch.

Weber River

The Weber River is similar in size to the Provo River and is located 45 minutes from Sundance Mountain Resort. The Weber River is almost a mirror image of the Provo River flowing north from the same Uinta mountain range. The Weber flows through two major reservoirs and has some spectacular fishing on its way to the Great Salt Lake where it ends its journey.

The Weber is known for producing wild Brown trout sometimes growing to trophy sizes well over 25 inches. It is recognized for its abundant hatches, offering excellent dry fly fishing with Mayflies, Caddis and an over-abundance of Hoppers.

Remote Streams

Our guides can show you remote, out of the way smaller streams where few other anglers venture. Some of these spots even offer good opportunities for very large fish over 20 inches on dry flies! These smaller streams are a just over an hour’s drive from Sundance and more often than not you will have the entire river to yourself. If you like to venture off the beaten path, hike a little and stalk 20+ inch wild Brown trout with dry flies, the extra work on these streams is worth the reward! These trips are full-day excursions only and are geared towards experienced anglers.

LC Ranch

The LC Ranch is a private fly fishing oasis in the beautiful Uinta Basin of eastern Utah. The Ranch has around 20 different lakes and ponds offering a large diversity of “trophy” trout averaging 17 to 21 inches. There are Steelhead and Donaldson strain Rainbow Trout, monster Brown Trout, Brook Trout and even Tiger Trout. The current record is an astounding 17-pound behemoth Rainbow Trout! The LC Ranch is located 1 hour and 45 minutes from Sundance. There is also a small, private airstrip on the ranch for those who want to access it by small plane. Whether you are a hardcore angler with the intensity to fish hard all day, or just a beginner looking for a retreat to relax, the LC Ranch will have what you are looking for!

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