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Deer Valley Acquires Fallen Mining-Era Relic

The resort hopes to return the collapsed structure to its original glory.

Park City, UT (June 21, 2020) — Deer Valley Resort has acquired the recently collapsed head frame of the Daily West Mine, near the bounds of the resort. The steel structure is easily seen from Deer Valley Resort by skiers, hikers, and guests at Montage Deer Valley and is a significant structure representing the history of the mining town. The 85 foot tall head frame is believed to have been built in 1914 at the top of the Daly West Mine shaft and it has remained as one of the community's most prominent mining-era structures.

In May of 2015, two of the legs of the structure failed, causing the head frame to topple to the ground. Deer Valley Resort plans to restore the head frame, hoping to bring the beautiful structure back to its original glory and preserve the history of the mining era that originally established Park City.

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