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On Earth Day, Park City Mountain Resort Awards $7,000 to Local Eco-Friendly Initiatives Through ‘Protect Your Playground’ Program - April 24, 2014

Park City Mountain Resort today announced it is awarding $7,000 in grants to three local projects devoted to promoting environmental sustainability in the Park City area.

  • Projects selected for funding include local composting initiative; solar-powered lighting for neighborhood mailboxes; carbon credit incentive program for local ground transportation companies
  • Protect Your Playground campaign sought innovative, eco-friendly project ideas from individuals in Park City community, select projects were chosen for funding
  • Collectively, nine POWDR Corp resorts granting $40,000 to selected projects through programs

Park City, Utah (April 22, 2014) – Park City Mountain Resort today announced it is awarding $7,000 in grants to three local projects devoted to promoting environmental sustainability in the Park City area. The projects were identified for funding through PCMR’s Protect Your Playground campaign which enlisted local individuals to submit innovative, eco-focused ideas to help protect natural resources in the Park City community.  

Projects receiving funding include: 

  • A pilot composting initiative that breaks down vegetative scraps from the three Park City ski resorts in an environmentally friendly method. To date, the project has diverted more than 70 tons of food residuals from the local landfill, avoiding the release of 50 tons of carbon dioxide – the equivalent of taking 10 cars off the road. Grant money will be used to upgrade the composting facility and expand service to additional commercial kitchens in the Park City community. “We would like to thank POWDR Corp. and PCMR,” said project managers Collin Beach and Travis Wright. “The grant money will move us toward our long term goal of bringing whole plate composting to the Park City area.” 
  • A solar-powered light fixture for a local neighborhood’s bank of mailboxes. Funds for this project will go toward installation of a solar array and light fixture to illuminate the community mailboxes which were recently vandalized at night. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to solve a need in the local community, and also to learn more about green energy,” said Ryan Hayes, who submitted the application and is a Park City Mountain Resort employee. “This project will also allow us to examine green power on a greater scale within our development.” 
  • A program to incentivize local ground transportation companies to reduce carbon emissions through a variety of methods including: switching fuel; replacing older vehicles with modern, more efficient ones; providing opportunities for companies to purchase carbon credits through a third party. Applicant Laura Lee Albright shared her excitement about the grant, “I’m excited to partner with PCMR to make significant reductions in CO2 emissions. We’ll help companies analyze their carbon footprint and put processes in place to reduce their emissions and help fund investment in alternative energy.”


All nine POWDR Corp resorts conducted their own Protect Your Playground campaigns this winter and, collectively, are distributing $40,000 to projects in their respective communities.

“Protect Your Playground was created to empower and inspire individuals with the resources they need to turn their ideas into action to better their communities and protect their environment,” said Brent Giles, Chief Sustainability Officer for PCMR parent company POWDR Corp. “The grant recipients are proof that one person with a vision for change can make a difference.”

Learn more about Protect Your Playground at

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