Ski Utah Press Release

Public Relations Director

Salt Lake City Shred Fest at Liberty Park

Salt Lake City Shred Fest will showcase the community and culture of Utah’s winter sports scene. Join in on the fun with a rail session, live music and more.

On Saturday, November 5th Shred Fest productions will host the biggest “Winter Kickoff” celebration that Utah has ever seen. This all ages event is aimed at bringing together the thriving community of winter sports enthusiasts, artists, businesses, and families who collectively inspire and actively aspire to enjoy life to the fullest. Portions of the proceeds from the event will be donated towards non-profits to further our mission. Salt Lake City Shred Fest will feature:

  • A live Ski & Snowboard rail session on real snow!

  • Interactive Sponsor Village

  • Live DJ & Music performances

  • Food Truck alley

  • Beer island

  • Professional Lumberjack competition

  • Fundraiser

  • Over $5000 in prizes and giveaways

Together with you and our partners, Salt Lake City Shred Fest will showcase to community and culture of Utah’s winter sports scene, and you’re invited!

About Shred Fest:

Shred Fest Productions began in 2010 with the inaugural Treasure State Shred Fest hosted in Missoula, Montana. After enjoying five consecutive years of experience, growth, and success through dozens of events and festivals, Shred Fest is expanding it’s reach to bring the experience to Salt Lake City, Utah.


How do you get snow?

We farm snow from an Ice Rink using a Zamboni, a trailer, a tractor, shovels, and a few really handsome and tough young men.

What is the Rail Session?

The rail session is a freestyle riding event that will consist of a few professionally set-up and maintained rail features built into the slope of the Liberty Park hill with real snow for riders to enjoy. This is a great opportunity to get back on your board or skis, and a great spectator event to boot.

Does it cost to participate?

Entrance into the festival is $5 - $10. Tickets can be purchased online at 24 hour tix or through our link in our website. Riders in the rail session are required to pay a $25.00 registration fee and fill out insurance waivers.

How can we get involved?

For more information on volunteering or becoming a vendor, please visit or email

Join us November 5th in Salt Lake City’s beautiful Liberty Park and start your winter season off in proper fashion, high spirits, and great company at the Salt Lake City Shred Fest.