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Utah Olympic Oval is Extending its Green Initiative

LED Lighting Added to its List of Energy Saving Assets

Kearns, UT (May 2016) – With the support of key industry partners, General Electric and Rocky Mountain Power, the Utah Olympic Oval is very excited to announce the completion of an extensive LED light replacement project with a projected savings of $40,000 Annually.

In the drive to reduce the Utah Olympic Oval’s impact on the environment while strategically reducing energy costs, this 2002 Olympic legacy venue has invested in the replacement of 165 units of 1,000 watt metal halide light fixtures containing T8, 32 watt fluorescent lamps with energy efficient 420 watt LED light fixtures containing 15 watt LED lamps.

Each Fixture has six – 5000 Kelvin LED modules that are dimmable with wireless control. The 5000 Kelvin is a bright white color temperature which projects a softer and more natural light. The old metal halide fixtures had a yellow color temperature of only 3,200 Kelvin. This new LED light’s life expectancy is 66% longer than tradition lighting while using up to 75% less electricity a year.

The Utah Olympic Oval LED light project is forecasted to pay for itself in less than five yearsthrough the support of the Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Business Lighting Incentive compounded with its electricity savings.

The Utah Olympic Oval’s original green project was the 791 kilowatt solar array consisting of 3,108 solar modules mounted on parking canopy shade structures located in the parking lot south of the Olympic Oval building. The solar energy system generates an estimated one million kWh annually. This reduces the building’s need for market-rate power by approximately 20 percent.

"We know it can't only be us looking at keeping the facility going," said Colin Hilton, president and CEO of the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation responsible for maintaining 2002 Winter Games competition sites.

Hilton continues “This next step in the Utah Olympic Oval’s green Initiative is to not only extend the life of the foundation's resources and actively reduce the subsidy needed to maintain and operate the Oval venue at world class levels, but reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.”

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About Utah Olympic Oval

Built in 2001 just in time for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Utah Olympic Oval is located in the community of Kearns, just 16 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah. The five‐acre venue houses Utah’s only 400‐meter speed skating oval and two international‐sized ice sheets as well as a state‐of‐the‐art four‐lane 442‐meter running track. Today, Utah Olympic Oval is a dynamic multi‐use facility focused on developing and growing participation in ice sports in the state of Utah. Designated an official U.S. Olympic Training Site by the United States Olympic Committee, the venue is headquarters for U.S. Speedskating, ensuring a legacy of continued growth and international success for the sport. With 10 Olympic records and eight world records, the venue stands uncontested as the Fastest Ice on Earth.