Fifth/Sixth Grade Passport Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ski Utah 5th and 6th Grade Passports

They are a Ski Utah program that provides "almost" free skiing and snowboarding to fifth and sixth grade students. The Passport affords participants the opportunity to experience each one of Utah's uniquely different resorts.


Why fifth and sixth graders?

Fifth graders (10 & 11 years old) are at a crucial age in their development where they are choosing (or not choosing) healthy lifestyle activities over more sedentary activities. Choosing activities that help children keep active in the winter is a high priority to Ski Utah and its members. We believe that a healthy child is a happy child and happy, active children grow up to be happy, active adults. This benefits everyone.

Utah fifth graders may have been introduced to skiing or snowboarding through Ski Utah's fourth grade learn to ski and ride program and are ready to participate on a more frequent basis. Fifth graders are also physically strong enough to participate in skiing and snowboarding at new levels making the sports an easy choice for lifetime participation.

Sixth graders (11 & 12 years old) are able to experience each of Utah's resorts one time to continue honing their skills and help them make future decisions on where to purchase season passes.


How often can each student ski or snowboard?

Fifth grade: Each participating Utah ski resort provides THREE days of skiing or snowboarding. Some blackout dates apply.

Sixth grade: Each participating Utah ski resort provides ONE days of skiing or snowboarding. Some blackout dates apply.


What do I get? Is there a printed booklet?

NEW for the 2018-19 season the Ski Utah Passport is FULLY DIGITAL! That's correct, there is no longer the need to wait several weeks for a printed booklet. As soon as your passport has been approved, your student can start using it. You will recieve 1 email after applying, confirming the billing amount for your order, and a 2nd email once your child's Passport has been approved. Alternatively, you can always login to the Parent Portal to check on the status.

At which Utah resorts is the Passport valid?

The Passport is valid at the following 13 resorts: Alta Ski Area, Brighton Resort, Beaver Mountain, Brian Head Resort, Deer Valley Resort, Eagle Point, Nordic Valley Resort, Park City Mountain, Powder Mountain, Snowbasin Resort, Snowbird, Solitude and Sundance Resort.


2018-19 Blackout Dates

Please Visit: All Resorts Blackout Dates & Use Guide


Is there a fee for the Passport?

There is a $45.00 processing fee.


Is the Passport good for anything besides free skiing and snowboarding?

Besides free skiing and snowboarding, the Passport includes discounts on ski and snowboard lessons, equipment rental, attractions and various other things. View all Exclusive Passport Discounts & Offers


How do I apply for the Passport?

Apply online through Complete the application as directed. Upload a current photo of the fifth or sixth grader and use your credit card to purchase the passport.


How long will it take to validate the Passport?

Passport takes approximatley 24-48hr for approval. Passports are approved in the order in which they are recieved. During peak application times, application make take additional time to be approved.


How do I redeem my student's lift tickets?

Please reference our How To Redeem User Guide. Each resort is unique, and to ensure you have a great experience, please make sure to look at the guide before resort visit.


How do I know how many lift tickets my child has left?

Simply log into the Parent/Guardian Portal with the username and password you used when registering.


I forgot my password

This is a new program, so you did not have a user account last season. If you forgot the credentials you created this season for the Parent/Guardian Portal you can reset it by visiting Parent/Guardian Portal Password Reset. Looking for your Username? You can also use the email you used to create the account. If you forgot your username and the email you used to register your child's , please contact and provide your studen't name.


What is the Parent/Guardian Portal?

The portal is a place for you to manage ALL of your student's Passport offers. You will be able to view a record of all redeemed and avaiable lift tickets, the Additional Offer provided by each resort, exclusive discounts offered by Passport partners, edit your login credentials and more. The Parent/Guardian Portal can be accessed on any internet enabled device with a web browser. There is no app to download. We recommend bookmarking the following address to make it easier to revisit Passport Parent/Guardian Portal.


Can I register more than 1 student?

Each student is only allowed one passport when they are in 5th grade and 1 when they are in 6th grade. If you have mutliple students, you may register them all under one username. If you want to add another student to your login, you may do so by logging into the Passport Parent/Guardian Portal and clicking on the button title "add another student". Please note that attempting to falsify a Passport may be prosecuted by a court of law. Passport Purchase Terms


Can I still apply if my fifth or sixth grader is home-schooled?

YES. Any fifth or sixth grade student is eligible for the Fifth or Sixth Grade Passport. Simply follow the instructions on the application.


We don't live in Utah, can my child still apply for the Passport?

YES - Any fifth or sixth grader may apply for the Ski Utah Passport regardless of state of residence as long as student is in respective grade.


Does my child need a paying adult to accompany him/her at the resort?

Each resort has unique redemption terms. Please visit our How To Redeem page to learn about each resort's terms.


Who helps fund the Passport?

Ski Utah has partnered with KSL, Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Zions Bank, PowerAde, Rossignol, Marriott Daughters Foundation, Young Chevrolet, Delta Air Lines, Hot Chillys, Parents Empowered, Reagan Outdoor, Utah PTA, AJ Motion, University of Utah Health, Smith, National Park Foundation and Ski Utah member resorts to make this program possible.


My child needs ski or snowboard rentals.

The Passport includes a variety of discounts for ski and snowboard rentals for both the Passport holder and in some cases the parent and other family members.
Find Utah Ski and Snowboard Rental Shops.


Whom should I contact if I have further questions?

Questions should be directed to


Ski Utah