Chutes and Champagne

Chutes and Champagne

Active Alyssa

By Active Alyssa \ December 28 2015

When I found out I wasn’t going to make it home for Christmas this year, I knew I would miss my family unless I filled my day with fun… so that's what I did! There is no doubt you'll have a good time at Deer Valley, and this past holiday proved it once again! Whether you want to rip down smooth corduroy or find some of the fresh Utah pow, you’ll find it at Deer Valley. Tis the season for face shots, so I found myself lapping Lady Morgan and Empire Lifts to find what I love most! I had some good friends take me to the Daly Chutes off Empire Lift where we found the steep and deep, sweet stuff! My favorite Christmas present!

After my quads were cooked and toes were frozen, we picked the perfect place to kick back and thaw out; The bright orange “Après Lounge” at The Montage, you can’t miss it! Brand new this season, it’s one of the fanciest yurts you can find! Pop a bottle of champagne with friends, enjoy local cheese and charcuterie, or warm with some wine by the fire. Veuve Clicquot in a yurt designed by Gorsuch made quite a classy Christmas experience! 

Deer Valley isn’t the only resort with a yurt to get toasty in. The Yurt at Solitude and The Viking Yurt at Park City offer wonderful atmospheres also. Stop in The Viking Yurt for lunch or grab a drink and sit outside to work on your goggle tan. Oh, you didn’t slow down to stop in for lunch? That’s okay, The Viking Yurt also offers an evening dining option. Starting at the base of Park City Mountain Resort, you get an evening sleigh ride to the yurt, perfect for any special occasion. Eating and drinking like Vikings, we celebrated a birthday in the best way possible! 

To get to The Yurt at Solitude, you adventure in the snow, under the stars, and through the trees during a guided snowshoe tour. You’ll find a Mongolian yurt where a 4-course dinner is prepared! All three of these yurts are experiences worth working for this winter! Get out and make some memories!

XOXO Bring on the SNOW!