Strengthening for Lean Muscle Mass

By Active Alyssa Feb 3, 2017
Dynamic, weight resistant exercises are great to incorporate into your workouts 3-4 days a week. Here is a video to give you some examples of a few dumbbell exercises you can do to improve your lean muscle mass!
Strengthening for Lean Muscle Mass

Building and maintaining muscle mass is so important for active bodies. More lean muscle mass increases metabolic rate, while strengthening connective tissue, which increases bone density. This then will aide in decreasing risk of injury during activity on the slopes. Dynamic, weight resistant exercises are great to incorporate into your workouts 3-4 days a week. Have cardio or rest days in between lifting days, to allow your muscles to repair themselves. 

I frequently use dumbbells for my strength training. They are common to have, easy to find at gyms, and there are so many exercises that you can do with them. I chose a few to demonstrate in this video to provide a quick preview of what can be done with dumbbells! 

Weight machines, dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, barbells, and plates can be utilized for building muscle tone. Always warm up with 5-10 minutes of cardio before strength training. Choose 2-3 exercises per muscle group, and complete 3 sets of 15 repetitions. If your muscles aren't feeling fatigued after 8-12 repetitions, it's time to increase your weight. Allow yourself a two minute rest in between sets. Always stretch at the end of your sessions when your muscles are warm. 

Pick up those weights and get lifting! More lean muscle, means higher resting metabolic rate, which means more calories burned, while being active and having fun!

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