2015 Rossignol Men's line-up

By Snowboard Muse Nov 21, 2014
Rossignol Snowboards... Who knew?!
2015 Rossignol Men's line-up

Above photo by Croshane Hillyard

I have been snowboarding for over 14 years now. It’s pretty much all I’ve been able to think about since I started when I was 12. I’ve ridden quite a few snowboard brands; Burton, LibTec, Gnu, Nitro and just last year Rossignol. I’ve always known Rossignol made some of the best skis in the world but I really didn't know what to think about their snowboards until I rode one… I was blown away by how much life and pop these boards have. They are exceptionally well made and you can tell that they have spent a lot of time and money on research and development before releasing a board. Check out my run-through of this year's Rossignol snowboard line-up!!!

XV magtec.jpg

The XV Magtec/Split

I have the 156 split in my personal quiver. Super stable at high speeds and incredibly nimble in the trees while while effortlessly slashing and floating on pow.

"Turns are a sign of fear." Xavier's big-mountain brainchild is designed for pushing the boundaries of big-mountain riding. Powered with MagTek and a wider, super-stiff nose with Tip Roller, the XV floats through deep pow, accelerates over chop, and bites into the gnarliest ice. Just plant your front foot and pin-it!



The Jibsaw

Another weapon in my personal quiver. This board is super fun! Poppy, jibby, can hold an edge amazingly. This if my everyday mountain slayer!!!

A true-twin, core freestyle deck with fullthrottle power and playfulness for ripping park or all-mountain. Flatware tip-and-tail profiles meet MagTek, blending nosepressing playfulness and set-your-spin edge grip with surprising flotation for a super-versatile, do-it-all freestyle board.



The Angus

The newest additiong to my aresnal. A fresh, premium cut of Rossi snowboard innovation. This setback twin, all-mountain freestyle board features a mouth-watering blend of Roller, RadCut, and MagTek, delivering the big-mountain power and playful, surfy-smooth float for nextgeneration freeride performance.




One magtec.jpg

One Magtek

Still the one to have when you can only have one. Now featuring RadCut, the One is super-maneuverable with smoother edge-to-edge transitions. The directional flex and almost-twin shape with brand new MagTek delivers a genuine, all mountain freestyle quiver-killer.



The Retox

This true-twin powerhouse is built for pure park pandamonium. The stiffer, ultrablunt tip and tail provide monstrous pop and smooth swing weight, while AmpTek Freestyle enhances stability at high speed to set-your-spin and stomp the biggest hits in the park, so you never come up short.




Never catch an edge jibbing urban rails again. Roller technology frees up board edges for effortless, catch-free boardslides and loose, playful jib performance; while RadCut flows seamlessly edge-to-edge for the most stylishly smooth and relaxed freestyle riders.



The Circut

Short circuit the learning curve with allmountain progression made easy. AmpTek Auto-Turn and the softer, directional flex provide an incredibly user-friendly feel for fun in any snow conditions. The effortless, full-length grip and no-catch edge control make riders better, faster.




The Krypto

Enhance your style and state-of-mind with the smooth, relaxed feel of this effortless all-mountain board. Grown from the same seed as the XV, it’s got a directional flex that’s never too harsh, and a MagTek blend of float and edge grip for every day charging, in any conditions.



The District

Easy, budget-friendly freestyle fun packed with confidence-boosting AmpTek Auto Turn. The twin freestyle flex provides an easy-to-manipulate ride no matter which direction you slide. With no-catch AmpTek edge control, comfortable park and pipe progression comes stock.



The Taipan

Designed to compliment any riding style, this progressive all-mountain board won’t break the bank. AmpTek All-Mountain and a softer, directional flex deliver playful, allterrain versatility and float. Bury the needle or nose-press a new feature...progression is now an afterthought.



The Templar

A super-fun, less-aggressive version of the One MagTek with a slightly softer, directional flex and almost-twin shape. RadCut technology combined with toneddown Magne-Traction provide a smooth, seamless feel carving edge-to-edge for playful all-mountain versatility.



The Trickstick

Drop in with this easy, award-winning, doit-all freestyle deck powered with AmpTek Auto Turn. Whether floating lofty spins or pressing slopestyle boxes, this true-twin has a soft, buttery flex that stays snappy and stable underfoot for pop-and stomp freestyle performance.



Battle V1


An entry-level all-mountain binding that takes the struggle out of snowboard progression. Step into the Battle and get ready to throw down.


Battle v2.jpg

Battle V2

An entry-level all-mountain binding that takes the struggle out of snowboard progression. Step into the Battle and get ready to throw down.



Cage V1

Step into the Cage and dominate every terrain with a versatile all-mountain binding that never submits and won’t tap out your wallet.



Cobra V1

This lethal all-mountain binding features 3D AsymWrap Elasti-Back technology, delivering all-mountain response with a more forgiving, tweakable feel for enhanced butter-ability.


Cobra V2.jpg

Cobra V2

This lethal all-mountain binding features 3D AsymWrap Elasti-Back technology, delivering all-mountain response with a more forgiving, tweakable feel for enhanced butter-ability.




Xavier’s pro model binding is designed for slaying bigmountain terrain, sending you constant feedback for more precision and board feel when “almost” isn’t an option.


Woman's Snowboards Womans Bindings

Photos and descriptions of boards taken from The House


All action photos by Croshane Media