Snowskating at Brighton!

By Snowboard Muse Apr 3, 2018
Three friends rip around Brighton on Snowskates for the first time.
Snowskating at Brighton!

Find out what happens when three friends try out snowskates at Brighton for the first time!

My friends and I headed to Brighton to see what the big deal was with these snowskates we've been seeing all over the mountains. In all honesty, I thought they were going to be out of control death machines but the transition from snowboard to snowskate was pretty much seamless. It reminded me of being a kid again. Blues became blacks, side hits became booters and I don't think I've had that much fun falling since I was 10 years old. These things are definitely worth checking out -- Jimi, Lexi, and I had a blast!

Filmed by:
Croshane Media
Andrew Muse

Edit by:
Andrew Muse

Snow Skaters:
Andrew Muse
Lexi Moss
Jimi Sobeck

Music by:
"Open House" by Nite Owl - The Nite & Nate Project