#TinyHomeAdventure Episode 8

By Snowboard Muse Sep 2, 2015
Mountain biking, 350' Hammock and 85' cliff jump in Washington and Oregon.
#TinyHomeAdventure Episode 8

Fire in the Sky

We explored Washington and Oregon, Mountain biked Post Canyon, Slung a hammock on the PWN bridge and did some all time cliff jumping in one of Oregon's most beautiful gorges.

Watch below!

Hammock Life  

Special thanks to,
Claire Ranite
Tyler Gennarro
Milena Johnson
Grant Harmon
Amos Casaretti
Sam Ellis

I made some incredible life long friends in my two month stay in Hood River. Thank you all for being so inviting and awesome! Much love and i'll hopefully see everyone next summer!!

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Wild #sunset in Hood River. Booter takes it all in. #tinyhomeadventure @nectar @rossignol @coastportland @maverik_inc

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