Kids' Rentals | Choosing The Best Package

By Annie Davis Sep 27, 2022
Multi-year rentals, season rentals and daily rentals. What is best for you and your family's ski and snowboard equipment needs?
Kids' Rentals | Choosing The Best Package

It’s an early fall day when the winds change, leaves turn from green to gold and the morning air has a crisp coolness (a relief from the relenting summer heat). I’m rushing between errands and kids’ activities, but I stop in my tracks because it hits me that winter will be here before I know it. I need to get my act together and figure out the “ski situation” for my kids before the snow falls and chairlifts fire up for the season. If you need help deciding which type of rental option is best for your kid, here’s the breakdown.

Multi-Year Rental

Parents of young kids can relate here–the struggle to find quality clothes and equipment without breaking the bank because the littles are growing like weeds. A multi-year rental package might be your best bet if you're nodding right now. With a multi-year rental, shops let you swap out gear when your kid outgrows it and usually have a one-time fee or one-time fee + a smaller yearly membership fee. 


Aloha Ski and Snowboard Rentals

What: Kids Club
Who: Ideal for children 12 and under (or until the child outgrows the equipment (up to 140cm ski size and up to 24.5cm boots)
Price: One-time buy-in plus annual membership fee. Customers can choose between new or used gear.

Used equipment:
$299.95 first-year buy-in
$30 Membership
15% Family discount on non-sale winter apparel and accessories 

New equipment:
$349.95 first-year buy-in
$30 Membership + $25 Labor (Mount and Calibration)
15% Family discount on non-sale winter apparel and accessories

*Ski poles are not included but can be purchased at a discounted price. Upgrade to twin tip $50 per year.

Details: It doesn’t matter when the growth spurt happens. You can get your kid resized for equipment at any time at no extra charge.

Utah Ski and Golf

What: Upgrade Program
Who: Children as young as 14 months up to 13 years old. An ideal option for young skiers until they outgrow the equipment (up to 140cm ski size and up to 23.5cm boots)
Price: One-time cost of $400*
Details: This is a beginner to intermediate trade-out program for kids to help them affordably learn to ski. Kids keep their gear all year. When ready, return the equipment to any of their four locations and swap for the next larger size.

*Poles are an additional $30 initial cost when added.


Season Rental

It’s all about the savings here. Time savings by not having to pick up and bring back daily rentals. Cost savings if your kids get in more than a few ski days a season. Season rentals are typically a package you pick up each fall and return in the spring. You keep the equipment for one season and pay a rate for that season only.

Ski 'N See

What: Junior Ski Packages
Price: $100 basic, $120 performance, $150 premium
Details: One-time cost for the season. Packages include skis/snowboards, bindings, boots, and poles (skiers). Renters keep the equipment all year until local resorts close in April. If a kid has a growth spurt mid-season, they can have their boots replaced and bindings adjusted.

Pro tip: parents can join in the fun for $150+ for skis and $160+ for snowboards.

Utah Ski & Golf

What: Junior Ski Packages
Price: Kids skis up to 140cm and 23.5 (5.5) boot size - $150
          Kids snowboards up to 135cm and up to size 5 boot - $200
Details: One-time cost for the season. Packages include skis/snowboard, bindings, boots, and poles (skiers only). Renters keep the equipment all year until local resorts close in April.


Daily Rental

Your kids are young and not sure if they even like to ski or snowboard, don’t know how many days they’ll hit the slopes, or (you can admit it) there are commitment issues, daily rentals are always available. Daily rentals are typically picked up the night before or morning of your ski day and returned within the same day.

Most local shops have daily rentals starting as low as $12.50/day* but average between $15 to $40 per day, depending on the level of equipment.

*Deals with a renting adult.

I want to own the equipment

If you would rather your kids own their equipment without breaking the bank, Utah Ski Gear’s unique ownership model is what you’re looking for.

What: Utah Ski Gear ownership model
Price: Starting at $99*
Details: This includes boots, bindings, and skis or snowboard. All the equipment is used but tuned and guaranteed for full replacement or refund until December 31 or 30 days from purchase (whichever is longer). For about the same prices as the other programs highlighted, this ownership model makes it possible for families to have the gear to use for a second season, pass down to other kids in the family, sell on the open market when they don’t need or want the gear anymore, or trade back for other equipment.

*Poles are not included but can be purchased for $5 or $10 after the package discount.

Another option is to check out a local ski swap. Both new and used gear can be found at these swaps at discounted prices.