Growing a Skier at Snowbird

By Growing A Skier Apr 3, 2019
With plenty of beginner and intermediate terrain, we promise that your little one will love Snowbird. Here are the ins and outs of learning to ski at the 'bird.
Growing a Skier at Snowbird

If you’re a local or have heard the legends, you probably know that Snowbird has a reputation for being home to some of the steepest terrain in Utah. Skiers return to Snowbird season after season for that steep and deep experience. If you’ve got little rippers (or soon to be rippers), you might be wondering if Snowbird is a good place to teach them to ski. With plenty of beginner and intermediate terrain, we promise that your little one will fall in love with Snowbird the same way that you have.

Setting up Camp at Creekside Lodge

When you think about Snowbird, the first image that pops in your head is probably the tram. While intermediate skiers will be able find long, cruising runs down from the tram, beginners will find more terrain that they love at the base of Creekside Lodge. Creekside Lodge will be your one-stop shop for the day, with access to plenty of great skiing, food and places to recharge tired legs. Spend the morning exploring Baby Thunder lift, which offers several fun green runs down the mountain. The playful terrain off of Baby Thunder is the perfect place to build the confidence to explore more of the mountain. This is often where you'll find the Snowbird Mountain School groups honing their skills.


Practicing Skills to Navigate More Challenging Terrain

Snowbird is a great place to push limits and tackle a challenge. If there is still some juice in those little legs after a morning on Baby Thunder, consider taking a run down Mid-Gad. This long, yet approachable, run is a great place to practice those skills you mastered earlier in the day. When you encounter a steeper section, remind your little skier to keep making those turns to control their speed. Instead of focusing on the bottom of a run, shift their attention to meeting a goal “let’s do 10 turns back and forth” or “lets ski across to that tree”. Turn by turn, your little skier will feel on top of the world after skiing something that looked challenging. If you need some help getting your kiddo to master some skills, check out the Snowbird Mountain School.

Snowbird Mountain School

Snowbird takes the “start ‘em young” approach to skiing. Whether you want to introduce your 3-year-old to skiing or help your older kids take it to the next level, the Snowbird Mountain School has got you covered. These half day sessions have everything your little one needs to get going on the mountain, including rentals, a lift ticket and lunch. Additionally, locals love the Adventure Team programs for their children. These 3 or 5 week full day programs equip your little ones to rapidly advance in one season (and give mom and dad some quality time to ski). Snowbird’s skilled instructors can give your little skier some one-on-one attention in the small classes, and the energetic peer group encourages adventurous play on the mountain.  


Fun on the Mountain as a Family

I’m sure at some point on a pre-kid powder day, you found yourself saying “life could never get better”. But now you’re privy to the secret. Sharing your love with skiing with your little ones only sweetens the deal. Cracking jokes on the lift, exploring a new area of the mountain together and watching your little one crush it on a section you knew would be a challenge brings a joy your younger self could not have imagined. Before you know it, your little ones will be following your tracks down the mountain. Or better yet, before you know it, you’ll be racing each other down the mountain.