Your Ski Day Routine

By Jake Nov 15, 2008
Your Ski Day Routine

You know, I have a routine, not that complicated, but not that simple either when I go skiing in the morning. I want to encourage some discussion here, so after I share mine, you need to leave a comment, write a blog post, send an email, rocks in the sand, someway, you need to share your story too.

Here is how it starts...
When I am leaving to go skiing in the morning, I pull all of my gear off of the floor heater that it has been sitting on since I went last time. The gear may have been there for one day, sometimes over a week. It gives my house that "I just went skiing" scent that all the ladies love. (Especially my wife.) All of that get tossed in the car and I head up to my favorite quick stop, the 7/11 on Bangerter near I-15.
img_0032-450x337 (img_0032-450x337)
Now, I have what many doctor describe as a "Rock Star Diet". This includes drinking at least 150 oz. of Dr. Pepper a day, and following up with mostly fried foods. This diet is what makes me one of the best skiers/bloggers on this side of the Wasatch Front. You may look into this diet in training for the Wasatch Back, St. George Marathon, and the Olympics.
img_0029-450x600 (img_0029-450x600)
Follow up the Dr. Pepper with a couple Go-Go Taquitos, and I am set.
img_0030-450x600 (img_0030-450x600)
A little gas in the Ski Buggy, (btw, how many iterations of ski buggy license plates exist here in Utah? My neighbors have three, my cousins one, I see them on the freeway all the time... Blows my proverbial mind.) Gas was only $1.90 when I filled up the other day, some kind of a miracle. This can only really mean one thing too, more skiing.
img_0031-450x600 (img_0031-450x600)
With all of the gear in my Hybrid Escalade (Read: 93' Subaru Impreza) It is up to the hills!
img_0033-450x337 (img_0033-450x337)
What is your routine?