Shaun White Wins Intelligent Design at Park City | Transworld Snowboarding

By Jake \ March 8 2009

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From TransWorld Snowboarding:

Pipe riders haul ass up icy 22-foot walls, rail kids dull their edges and 270 in, kicker killers point it and send it—but it’s all just snowboarding, right? That’s roughly the idea behind Park City’s all new Intelligent Design competition, featuring a grab bag of all of the above in one course at the base of Utah’s most park-friendly resort. Starting off with a 60-foot kicker into a unique step-up hip jump, jib section, Superpipe, and finally a massive quarterpipe to finish things off—this outside-the-box contest venue makes being an all around snowboarder a total pre-requisite.

Up until the last minute, the event had commitment from a wide range of top riders—from Marc Frank Montoya and Mason Aguirre to Torstein Horgmo and Andreas Wiig—but at the very last minute the roster thinned out savagely. It seems that there were some end-of-season injuries Aguirre broke his rib etc., but evidently some folks just couldn’t wrap their head around the concept. Says event mastermind Jim Mangan, Park City’s Director of Action Sports Marketing, “There were some riders who said to me, ‘Jim, it’s just too much,’ but you know we’re pushing things and this is what needs to happen for the sport.”

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