3 year old skiing...why lessons are GOOD; links to all the resorts!

3 year old skiing...why lessons are GOOD; links to all the resorts!

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ December 22 2010

Here we are just a few days from Christmas and Santa has delivered some of the most AMAZING snow ever.  Check out these totals from the National Weather Service.  Hello!! 73" at Sundance!  This is what a "Pineapple Express".  It tends to be a warmer flow since the orgins are from Hawaii, but contains a very high moisture content.  Here in Utah, we get the big snow as well from a northwest flow.  We often times see a lake effect kick in from the Great Salt Lake and the Cottonwood Canyons get a little extra kick of snow.  In the case of the Pineapple Express, all resorts benifit.   You have your choice of any resort and they all have amazing snow...this is more of a southwest flow.  There is a little of my Meteorologist kicking in.

Now, for my Mommy kicking in.  As I look at the other blog posts from my fellow bloggers, I laugh.  They are out taking a pre public tram at Snowbird, me, I'm on the Explorer lift at Brighton. Don't get me wrong, I love Brighton...but the Explorer lift is the beginner lift.  Not only am I on the beginner lift, but I'm on it with Brennan, my 3 year old, and as we are attempting to get off, Brennan puts his feet back. We both fall, his skis and his boot come off and we stop the lift as he is standing in the powder with his sock.  Now, where would I rather be right now.  I'm thinking maybe at Snowbird with the adults.  Come on..you know I love my kids! 

The moral of this story is, when they are young, put your kids in lessons!  Unless you are the big expert skier, even a 3 year old will bring you down.  There are challenges to the 3 year old lessons.  They aren't mature, sometimes potty trained and not very willing to cooperate.  Most resorts only have private lessons at 3, which can be pricey, but worth it!  A few resorts do offer group lessons for the 3 year olds, but they must be potty trained.   ALL resorts will offer private lessons.  Probably a good idea to call ahead.

Brighton offers a parent/tot lesson or a 3 to 1 ratio 3 year old lesson.Knee deep (dscn2394)

Deer Valley offers 3 year old Fawn program which gets a private lesson and daycare.

Solitude offers a play n' ski option which is a day care/private ski lesson all in one.

Sundance has private lessons or a variety of other group lessons for older kids. We're trying this out next week, so check back with me.

Wolf Mountain has a Wolf Pup lesson from ages 3-7

Snowbird has a private lesson/play combo for 3 year olds

Snowbasin has private lessons for all ages and group lessons starting at 5

Powder Mountain has a powder play starting at 3 1/2 to introduce kids to skiing

Park City has a Signature 3 program for 3-5 year olds.  We will be embarking on a 10 week course for Emily starting in January.  We'll have many tips for the kids during that time and will be such a great experience to watch Emily grow leaps and bounds in her skiing this winter!

Eagle Point has an Eaglet program for 3 1/2 -5 year olds

The Canyons has a Canyon Cubs program for 2-3 year olds where they get out to ski for a one hour private lesson

Beaver Mountain offers private lessons for all ages and group lessons for older children

Brian Head offers a Wee Ski for the 3 year olds during certain periods in the winter

Alta has private lessons for 3 year olds.

Go to all the above links as well for prices on lessons for all kids and adults too!  My opinion on lessons, as I've had people ask me, is if the child does not know how to ski, put them in a private lesson.  It will build their confidence and not make them feel inferior to the other kids in the class.  You want it to be a positive experience for them and you want them to go again.  Once they are feeling comfortable and not falling all the time, put them in the group lessons.  Some resorts have a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio, some have 5:1.  It depends on the age.  They are a little less expensive once they get into group lessons and it is good for them to try to keep up with the other kids.

In fact, Emily told me the other day...after I'd fallen off the lift with Brennan... I took her for a couple of runs to "experience" the amazing snow we've had;  "Mom, I like to go with my instructor and the other kids, better".  Gee....thanks.

Also, the consecutive weekly lessons are amazing.  We did it last year with Deer Valley and Brighton.  The kids have the same instructor and same kids for a 5-6 week period.  The lesson is normally for 1/2 day one day a week.  As I mentioned, we're doing a 10 week ALL day at Park City coming up.  I'm thinking...Olympics after that spell.dscn2396 (dscn2396)

So...as my fellow bloggers are off enjoying the deep snow at Snowbird...I'm enjoying it with my little kids. That makes my heart soar during this Holiday Season!  Even Emily gives a little hoot and holler coming down the mountain and doing a face plant :)

Oh....don't forget the hot chocoate.  Always a good incentive at the end of the day!



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