Snowshoeing in Utah and ice skating for the kids!

By Mountain Mama May 4, 2017
If you have a down day on a ski vacation, a great way to still get the kids out and get some excercise is to snowshoe or go ice skating at Solitude.

If you have one of those days where your legs are just a bit sore from skiing or the kids don't want to ski all day, snowshoeing is a great idea! I like to get the kids outdoors as much as possible and sometimes don't have the time to pack the car to ski, so we head to the mountains.

Big Cottonwood Canyon is normally our destination because there are plenty of trails. Solitude has many fun activities. The Nordic Center has great cross country trails and rentals. You can also go snowshoeing and rent them as well.

A couple of tips when snowshoeing.

1. Don't dress the kids too warm.  I sometimes forget and they get too warm.

2. Light gloves for the hands, a hat and even a lighter jacket will do since it does get very warm when they are walking and exerting energy.

3. I like a smaller boot to lock into the bindings.  Emily just got a new Keen Basin WP boot and they fit really well into the bindings.  They are warm and not bulky.

4. I bought the kids snowshoes at Costco.  They came in a bag with collapsible poles and the bindings are really easy to put on.  Pull them tight.  At this age, they don't need big crampons on the front, you need to get the right fit.  There are many selections of snowhoes.  For kids, don't go expensive, just the ease.

5. It needs to be fun, so let them bring their animals, toys...note the photo of Emily with her sled full of buddies!

6. Wear a helmet!

Solitude also offers ice skating to folks staying in the village.  There are rentals if you don't have any.  We decided to give it a go.  Being from Minnesota, I used to be a great skater...not so anymore.  Great excercise and it gets you outdoors.  The rink is open in the evenings and also has smores around a fire on the weekends!

There are many places to snowshoe around the canyons in Utah.  

Check out this link for a guide.  

Or if in Park City, this guide.

Let me know if you find any cool trails, we're always on the lookout.  One reminder, always check the Avalanche Centers website first as you are really in the "backcountry".