A sleigh ride and dinner...family fun at The Canyons

A sleigh ride and dinner...family fun at The Canyons

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ March 12 2010

After a big day of skiing, now what do you do with the kids?  Going out to dinner can be challenging with little guys if they're anything like mine...sitting still for 5 minutes at a time and then wanting to "get down" and hoping they don't break something.  If you're vacationing, you always have your eye out for somewhere that is family friendly and has a louder atmosphere so it will drown out the noise coming from your own table.

I would definitely suggest the Sleigh ride and dinner at the Cabin Restaurant at The Canyons.  The Canyons is the largest resort in Utah and is constantly expanding it's wonderful facilities.  I have to admit I've not done a lot of skiing at The Canyons, but can tell you it has top notch facilities.  Once you pull off the main road into Park City, you can park in a parking lot and take a Gondola right up to the resort.  No lugging your skis and kids all over through parking lots...up you go!

Since we arrived after ski hours, we parked very close to the base of the resort and were told to meet just outside of  Docs.  We knew we were going on a sleigh ride, so we were dressed like we were heading to Mt Everest for a hike.  There are several different times you can choose from; from before sunset to after sunset.  Since there was a full moon, I was hoping to get a glimpse on our ride.  The high clouds kind of did away with that wish.  As we're waiting for our escort, we can see the horses and sleigh up the hill a bit. Yea!!  Here comes our "cowboy" to get us; chaps and all.  We walk a little ways up the hill and load the wagon.  There are 2 other families with us.  Blankets are provided, so we can sit back and watch our 2 Belgians pull us up the mountain.  If you've never been to a ski resort after hours, it is so peaceful!  Everyone has gone home and it's just you.  The sound of the horses pulling us in the sleigh and wait...we spot a moose having his dinner up the mountain!  Our driver was very friendly and of course it was a wonderful 30 minute ride through the resort with the kids.  A great activity and not too long for the kids.dscn0886 (dscn0886)

We're dropped back off where we started, kids give horses a hug and now it's time for dinner.  Now, I am not an eater.  Meaning, I eat to survive, not to "dine".  Pizza and french fries are fine with me.  Heading to the Cabin Restaurant, I can tell we're not having pizza :)  A very warm atmosphere with a rustic feel and it is comfortable and kid friendly.  Since we have the sleigh ride/dinner package, dinner is already decided for us.  Good with me, I don't have to think.  A beautiful 4 course meal; Butternut squash bisque I would highly recommend, cheese fondue, a roasted meat platter with 4 different types of meat served with potatoes, veggies and mushrooms (my favorite).  Now that I'm stuffed, the desert is a pastry from the Chef.    The kids have their own menu to choose from;  of course the platters have more than enough for all of us.  Now we need to just get our tired, stuffed bodies back to Salt Lake :)  If you don't have the kids,  there is a bar area where there was live music playing and a very festive atmosphere. 

A great family friendly night!  Great food, enjoyable sleigh ride and you could do it as a family vs trying to find a babysitter.  After all, if you're on vacation as a family you need those places that welcome that.  Well worth the price for an enjoyable evening!  If you have other family friendly restaurants, activities you'd like to share, let me know.