Getting the kids dressed to's about the "gobbles"

Getting the kids dressed to's about the "gobbles"

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ December 6 2009

img_1019 (img_1019)Now that the snow is hitting, time to get the kids ready to ski!!  A BIG thank you to SKI' N SEE  here in Utah for outfitting us in everything we'll need to have a safe and fun ski season.

As we arrive, kids are in rare form and ready to go. The hardest part with the little ones is trying to get them to put the boots on and liking the boots.  After all, we all know the ski boots aren't the most comfortable boots in the world.  Bren and Em were very willing to sit for a minute as their feet were measured. I learned to take the liners OUT of the boots and stick their feet in works great. You should be able to put a finger length behind the heel to get the right fit.  Also, NEVER wear cotton socks...they hold moisture. If you are on vacation and can't get some ski socks, your dress socks will be OK. Polyester is OK, but cotton is the worst. So, we got some new socks for the kids so their feet will be comfortable.

I also asked "why no poles"? Well, it is better for them to learn and get their balance without them, so they don't get dependant on them to get down the hill. Hmmm, maybe that's my problem.

Since we're new at this thing and the kids are so young, height isn't as big of deal as their weight; so when you head in to rent your skis, pop them on the scale real quick. I feel comfortable in looking at their skis and seeing they are TINY!! Yea...protective Mom :)

Most important.....HELMETS!!  Make sure you have a snug fitting helmet for them. You can get rentals if you don't have one, but do make sure you don't leave the store without one. It just takes one small fall. Also...they are warm. No, you won't need a hat...the helmet is plenty warm. (I didn't know that)

And Emily will tell you..."you need "gobbles"!! She started this last year. It is not goggles, it is "gobbles".  Now, I'm sure many parents out there know what I'm talking about...when they say something sooooooooooo cute, you can't correct them. You just smile and know they grow up so fast, to hear something like "gobbles" brings a huge smile and warms your heart.  So, yes we left the store with some "gobbles" for Brennan.

I already have warm jackets and bibs. Yes, I prefer bib ski pants for them since if they fall, the snow doesn't get up the back. We've all been fun! Mittens vs "glubs"  (another Emilyism... for gloves ) . I would say "glubs" are warmer. Get ones with elastic to pull them up high on their sleeve. Bren has ones that you can unzip a bit on the side to get his thumb in. that is always challenging as well.

The most amazing thing was when we got home... on went the helmets, boots and "gobbles" and they didn't want to take them off!! This is good! This means they're ready to ski, liking the boots, not afraid... we could be on to something here!!  So, my advice is...if you get their rentals for the week or season, have them walk around and get used to them so when you get to the mountain, they won't fight you to put them on .  Been there, done that.

Now, back to Ski' N See.  The best deal is a season rental!  Think about it... you have to pack everyone up, get snacks, go to the bathroom, be well rested... you need all the energy you can get. The last thing you have time for is to sit in a rental line.  Season rentals are affordable, you do the fitting once, you get FREE wax when you need it and if the kids feet grow..go back in and exchange the boots. I also will benefit with some nice skis this year. I am a very intermediate skier at best, so I've always had good boots...after all, if your feet hurt, forget it! But, I've got cheaper skis. Ski' N See is going to have me demo some new skis each month. I'm really curious if the better skis will improve my sking. I've been told they will...I'll let you know! I'll also keep you posted on what kind I have.

If you are going to rent skis for the day or even a week, head to Ski' N See web site posted above and check out coupons!!! We all love coupons and you can get a deal on their web site as well as get help if you don't have all the right gear or have questions.

Now, we're we go. First ski adventure to come! Questions, remarks, let me know!!

Bring on the powder!!