Halloween Lift Rides at Sundance- a MUST do!

By Mountain Mama Oct 28, 2013
It isn't quite time to ski yet, but the lifts run through the summer months for other activities. Over the weekend we did a Halloween lift ride at Sundance. In true Sundance style, it was a class act with great decorations, very theatrical and a new Halloween tradition for our family.
Halloween Lift Rides at Sundance- a MUST do!

Sundance is one of the best resorts for the atmosphere.  It is cozy, quaint and has the amazing backdrop of Mt Timpanogos.  We try to get a ski day in every year, but the other activities offered-especially for kids-are some of the best! The Art Shack is one of my kids favorites and you can even go to the Spa with your kids!  So, when I heard there is a Halloween Lift Ride...yep, I'm in!  One thing you must know about Sundance, when they decide to do any event, it is done right!  It is not just thrown together, it is thought out, it involves theatrical themes-after all, this is Robert Redford we're talking about-and it is guaranteed to be well worth your time.

During the summer, Sundance offeres full moon rides.  This Halloween ride is in it's second year.  One tip...dress warm. I packed our winter jackets, hats, mittens and ski pants.  Brennan complained as we got dressed in the parking lot, but was very thankful when we loaded the lift after dark.  We showed up as the sun was setting.  On a Saturday night, people are milling about-even if ski season hasn't started-they are up going out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants-The Tree Room, doing a little shopping and just enjoying the amazing scenery!  The firepits are all lit-go figure, barrels carved with Sundance name and a work of art, there is a movie playing-Nightmare Before Christmas-they are setting up a treat tent and there are decorations everywhere.  The kids run around from the tractor to haybales, movies...such a great place for a kid!  In the "waiting" ticket area, you can get some awesome photos and the slopes are lit up with Halloween lights.  We load the lift and Brennan is already screaming "this is the most fun thing ever!"  On the 45 minute lift ride you go through different scary themes, from Zombies, to Witches to a big car crash (Bren's favorite, Em liked the witches).  There are theatre performers to scare you..just a little...appropriate even for little fellas and you go all the way to the top of the mountain and circle back around.  There was no lull in the action and it was just scary enough, but the atmosphere of being outdoors at Sundance on Halloween...priceless!  Brennan wanted to keep going again, but we got ourselves a treat, sat by the fire and watched a movie..in October, in our ski wear and I didn't want to go home.  

The ride goes on through Halloween and I would highly suggest going if you can.  We have now added a great new family tradition. To quote Robert Redford from a saying on a wall inside the resort:

 "This place in the mountains amid nature's casualness toward death and birth, is the perfect host, for the inspiration of ideas; harsh at times, life threatening in it's winters of destruction but tender in it's attention to the details of every petal of every wildflower resurrected in the spring. Nature and creativity obey the same laws, to the same end...life"

In other haunted news, if you live in the Ogden area, be sure to check out Snowbasin's Spooktacular haunting Earl's Lodge November 1st. Oh yeah, there will be a costume contest for both kids and adults, dancing and a Haunted photo booth.