Night skiing....enjoy the silence!

By Mountain Mama Jan 12, 2015
I have skied for many years and finally last year, started night skiing. It is one of those "must dos". If you like silence, no lift lines and a deal on a lift ticket, you'll really enjoy a night of skiing.
Night skiing....enjoy the silence!

There are times after a crazy day at work that you just need to have some quiet time to process. I am telling you, night skiing is your answer. It is a time where you can have a lot of the resort to yourself with little to no lift lines. With a quick drive up the canyons-no traffic either-you can park very close to the front of the resort, grab your gear and a lift ticket and be on the lift in no time at all. If you're the kind of person that has to say "I did 9 runs in so much time" well, you can count your runs quick as you're up and down the lift with no lines and can get about as many runs in a couple hours as you can do on a busy day in 4 hours.

You like sunsets? Great colors in the sky as you hit the slopes-refer to video. Moonrise? Got that too as seen on my cover photo.

Few pointers: Dress warm! I would do the double long johns, extra jacket layer, hand and feet warmer trick as it can be pretty chilly.

Resorts who offer night skiing:

Brighton: From 4-9 PM Monday-Saturday

Brian Head: Fridays and Saturdays and Holidays

Cherry Peak: From 4-9 PM

Nordic Valley: Until 9 PM

Park City: Until 6 PM

Powder Mountain:  Until 9 PM

Snowbird: Until 8:30 PM

Sundance: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday until 9 PM


There are varied terrain options depending on the resort. On this particular night, we were at Brighton. You can see very few people on the slopes so Brennan can try out some of his hand dragging moves..(so I don't know snowboard lingo.)

Another plus is the lift ticket is a lot cheaper since you're dealing with limited terrain. Personally, I don't venture off the groomed runs, so up and down the groomers are good for me. 

So the next time you have only a couple hours and need fresh air, hop on that lift and remember what I said...enjoy the silence.