Ski tips for Grandpa-kids do the teaching!

By Mountain Mama Feb 11, 2016
My kids started ski lessons when they were three. They've had so many lessons at so many resorts, but they started at Brighton. Grandpa came to town to ski with them for the first time ever and they chose Brighton, where it all began to give their "own" lesson.
Ski tips for Grandpa-kids do the teaching!

When you're 8 and 10 years old but have skied since you were 3, you feel like you know enough to give some ski tips. Grandpa came to visit from out of town and had never skied with Emily and Brennan and they decided it would be a great time to show Grandpa "their stuff" and give him some tips. What better place to go than where they started; Brighton. There are several options you can choose from to get some great views and still make it down the mountain safely. You can take Majestic or Crest lifts and get some great runs while practicing big turns.

First stop was the rental shop at Brighton:

Grandpa has skied. It has been over 10 years since he has skied in the mountains which is a big challenge with the terrain and elevation. Suggestion:  put your skier type as 1.
Better to have your skis pop off if you crash vs twisting your knees and ending up in the ski clinic. 

When trying on boots, make sure they're comfortable. If they feel a little off or tight, tell the rental folks, they'll find you some new ones. 

Know how tall you are and how much you weigh. When your bindings are set, they are adjusted to these things.

Let the rental guys pick your ski length. Grandpa says "these skis seem so short". Guess what, shorter skis are easier to control. 

Onto the lift:  

Grandpa, when you want to stop, you need to do a pizza. Don't let your skis cross in the front, you'll fall.  You need to use your edges of your skis.

Make big wide turns and put the weight on your downhill ski otherwise, you're skiing wrong.

Keep your hands up in front of you to pull your weight forward.

Emily: "imagine you had a $100 bill in between your boot and your chins. You wouldn't want to lose it would you? Well, then put all your weight on your boots to pull your weight forward and keep the $100 from flying out" (hey, good advice whichever instructor that was)

Brennan: "you need to bend your right ankle and knee to initiate your turns if you're regular footed" (snowboard speak)

Skiing Down: 

We got off of Crest lift at the top and the kids wanted Grandpa to watch their turns. They have one speed-FAST. We got down one part of the slope and Gramp says "kids, don't go so fast, I can't even see you and I'm out of breath". So things slowed down to not quite as fast and we continued on down. Grandpa followed in Emily's turns-just like the instructors did when they were little. He said "you know, I'm learning from you Emily on how to do my turns and where to put the weight on my skis. It's amazing to follow someone else and study their stance to see what they're doing." Yep, that's why they encourage lessons Grandpa, and why taking lessons is so encouraged!

Bren tends to think the terrain park and trees are a good idea. I probably wouldn't encourage that on the first outing with Grandpa.


Plenty of stops for snacks and a rest are a good idea. Brighton still has the brown bag area where you can bring your lunch. A good way to save a little money is by bringing sandwiches and snacks from home. I don't know about you but balancing on the tailgate of your car with kids and a cooler isn't that fun. There are also dining options as well.

After a gorgeous day with plenty of sun, lots of turns and smiles and fresh air, we headed home. Grandpa could not believe the level of skiing and snowboarding that the kids are at and all they have achieved. For all the instructors and coaches that have worked with them..thank you!  And what better place to experience this than where it all began...Brighton.

This Friday, February 12th Brighton will be doing the annual night party and fireworks display:

Free smores and cocoa

$40 twilight tickets


and more!