's worth the not so long drive's worth the not so long drive

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ February 23 2010

dscn0846 (dscn0846)Living in the Salt Lake Valley, you get spoiled by a short drive up to the Cottonwood Canyons. So, when I decided to go to Snowbasin, I packed up the car with snacks, extra clothes and water like we were driving to St George.  In just over an hour with mostly freeway driving, we were there.  If you've never driven it, a beautiful drive with wonderful views through Mountain Green.   No lines, blue skies and easy parking.  I just have to say that with 2 kids and 3 sets of ski gear, it is a JOB to get us all to the door. Snowbasin has a GREAT solution.  Little equipment trolleys.  Now why doesn't everyone have these? You pull up to the curb and unload all your gear into the trolley and away you go.  Saved my back and arms!!

We are set up with day care for the day.  Brennan will stay for the day, Emily will be pulled out for a lesson with the ski school.  I've mentioned before, Brennan doesn't do well in day care...I've taken a deep breath and gone to meet Becky.  Wow!  Brennan brings the walls down screaming and Becky is so lovely...she has him under control within 10 minutes.  Now, that takes patience.  The day care is open daily from 9-4:30 and you can bring in the kids as young as 6 months.  They had lunch right away and settled right in. I was a little worried about Brennan.  No need, Becky took the time to text me to tell me he ate good, was playing and even had a nap!  Now that takes a patient person; thanks Becky for making our day a great experience with day care.

dscn0838 (dscn0838)Emily had a 2 hour lesson with the Grizzly Cubs.  Her instructor picked her up at the day care and took her out for the group lesson.  I caught up with her at the end and found out she went the Gondola!  Wow, that is impressive!  Her instructor said she did great and kept up with the other kids.  Was a big workout as her legs were tired.  Back to day care for a rest while I got one more run it.  There are private lessons offered for 3 years old and up; make sure kiddos are potty trained.  I took Brennan out on the tiny hill and he did great!  All by himself.  He comes back to day care to tell Emily... "Emily, I skiied really fast".  It was so cute.  I think with all the talk of Emily and her lessons and doing well, he felt left out.  He needed to prove that he to was a skier.  Hey, that's great motivation for him and makes me happy.

For those that don't know, Snowbasin hosted the downhill, Super G and combined events during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.  If you're looking for top notch dining and facilities, you'll definitely find them at Snowbasin.  There are special events where the Gondola will bring you to the top for fine dining.  This holds true during the summer on the weekends...I need to definitely head back for that under a full moon.

dscn0835 (dscn0835)If you're into tubing, there is a tubing hill as well Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  We haven't tried that yet. I didn't know if Brennan would be too young, but as long as he can ride alone...he's good. I would suggest using a helmet for the little guys.

If cross country is your thing; there is 26 km of trails.  The best thing...they're FREE!! Yes, if you have your own equipment, give it a try or you can rent when you get there. I admire those who can cross country ski.  It is hard!  I may have to try again as it is great excercise!

I got a chance to get some good runs in.  Most times, I was on the chair or gondola alone enjoying the silence and the scenery.  It is wonderful to get up in the mountains on a blue bird day and just enjoy.  I had a wonderful lunch outside at the top of the Needles Gondola.  I was able to ski a lot of different runs all over the mountain including off the Strawberry Express Gondola.  Big, wide open runs with amazing views.

So, the next time you're wondering which resort to head to...don't forget about Snowbasin. It's not as far as you think and you will be pleasantly surprised at the facilities, great snow and laid back atmosphere.dscn0830 (dscn0830)