10 Reasons to Ski or Snowboard in Utah This Spring

By Local Lexi Apr 2, 2024
There is no better place to spend spring than at one of Utah's 15 ski resorts. Here are 10 reasons why you should indulge in spring skiing or snowboarding in UT
10 Reasons to Ski or Snowboard in Utah This Spring

There's something special about spring skiing...

We may be biased, but thanks to a deep snowpack, an average of 250 days of sunshine per year, and longer seasons than most, spring skiing in Utah is obviously the best. This unique combo of qualities makes Utah one of the safest bets to enjoy springy turns in the US. Whether you are basking in the sunshine or stacking laps on one of our many spring wiggles, I am officially declaring Utah the capital of spring skiing. Here's why...

1. It's Silly Season

There's a frisky atmosphere come springtime and it's often noted that skiers and shredders morph into a more relaxed subspecies that don't take themselves quite so seriously. With the increasing temperatures comes the ditching of warm clothing and layers. You may spy a pair of jorts. You will probably see more than one loud, retro one piece out on the mountain. There could be colorful wigs. As the days trend warmer the collective community of skiers and shredders begins to foster a sense of gratitude for the season and you'll spy costumes galore amid laughter and good-natured fun. Be sure to join in. It's a seasonal tradition that spans the test of time and makes the mountain a more fun and welcoming place to recreate.

Pack a costume. In fact...pack several!


2. It's Always Sunny

Spring in Utah is glorious because it's either a mild and gorgeous sunny day or it's dumping snow. Chances are good that you'll either be getting face shots or you'll be reveling in pleasant weather. One thing to note about spring powder storms, it's best to hit the slopes early. Because the sun is high and the temps are generally warmer, the snow can set up and solidify faster.

If you are blessed with a spring dump, be sure to activate the early bird program.


3. Or...it's Not Sunny

Lots of folks have fully given up on winter sports and snow season by the time late March rolls around. What some don't seem to realize is that March and April are typically fairly wet months for Utah. Late March in particular is an incredibly reliable time for stormy weather in Northern Utah's mountains.

Though April temps are certainly on the warm side it's not unusual to see a number of impressive powder dumps throughout the month. For those that stick around, the rewards can be truly great as March is usually our wettest month. Little Cottonwood Canyon will sometimes see over 100" of snowfall in the month of March alone!

Check the forecast and pack for both seasons!

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4. Patio Time 

Whether you've earned après after shredding hard all day or you simply need to stop for a snack and some sunbathing, the patio offerings around Utah's ski areas are exemplary. Remember all that sunshine? It makes patio time a thing to savor. The season is winding down, there's no longer any hurry, it's time to sit back, relax, and relish the good times. With the sun high in the sky and the balmy temps, it's all but impossible to ignore the lure of our sun-drenched ski patios.


Standout patio experiences in Utah include: 

5. Great Events

Spring gets everyone stirring and our ski resort event calendars are a testament to the need to be outdoors and get the wiggles out. Utah resorts offer a stacked roster of events in late March and early April that promise big thrills and memories for years to come. There are pond skims galore and the annual "Gaper Day" traditions of April 1st. Drop into a banked slalom, groove to an outdoor concert, test equipment on a demo day, or slide into a rail jam. The variety of events could make your head spin so get to it and make a plan! 

Peep event calendars to harvest more fun out of the longer days.

6. Package Deals

Some resorts will offer package deals for their final operating weeks. Sign up for emails or follow your favorite resort's social media posts to learn about spring specials, lodging deals, spa discounts, lesson packages, etc. Make the most out of the dwindling season by booking a last-minute visit to Utah and taking advantage of the season's best time to ski! The snowpack is as deep as it gets in early spring and coverage is excellent before the great melt begins. You're likely to enjoy wall-to-wall terrain openings if you plan a spring ski trip to Utah. 

Activate bargain hunter mode.

7. Dual Sporting Days

It's often a little disorienting to be thinking about winter when the spring weather in Utah is just about perfect. Spring days are glorious and hover in the 70s or so for most parts of the state where ski areas can be found. The foothills are positively blooming with arrowleaf balsamroot and it feels illegal to head indoors away from the pleasant sunshine.

Utah locals often joke about dual or even triple sporting days. Combine your skiing with a mountain bike ride, a round of golf, pickleball, time climbing at the crag, or a road bike ride. The options are limitless. There's something special about mixing skiing with spring and summer-like sports. It brings a deep level of satisfaction that's difficult to describe.

Make the most of Utah's incredible recreational options. Double or even triple up!


8. Visit a National Park

Utah is home to the "Mighty 5," or rather, five of the most beautiful and unique National Parks in America. As such, they attract a ton of visitors so visiting in the offseason is actually a pretty awesome idea. All five of our National Parks are in high desert country, meaning the spring days can be quite warm and the nights are cold. It's the perfect time to check out our parks and experience lower traffic levels and far fewer crowds. Stitch up a road trip for the memory books by linking a ski vacation to a few of our majestic red rock landscapes.

Brian Head Ski Resort and Eagle Point are particularly well situated for a ski + National Park road trip. 

9. Thinning Crowds

Yep, this may come as a shock to some of you, but there are people who tire of skiing and snowboarding. They move along to other things and have not the slightest idea that some of the best skiing happens during spring. The masses have made the switch to spring and summer sports, shrinking the lift lines and leaving you more room to roam. The last few weeks following the spring break rush are honestly bliss. The atmosphere on the mountain is more relaxed, the hustle and bustle of tourist season has evaporated, and it's prime time to make some soul turns. 

Commit till closing day.


10. Tailgate Season

While you can locate enthusiastic tailgaters in our resort parking lots all season long, it's certainly a more enjoyable endeavor in spring. The sun bathes the mountains for a few extra hours, the temps are milder, and the food and drink are flowing. Sunny spring weekends are a scene in the parking lots and can present an opportunity to make friends with like-minded folks and trade tales from the mountain. A pro tip is to pack a few extra beverages in your trunk, you never know what kind of charcuterie spread the neighboring car might bust out.

Be prepared and pack your cooler!