Sometimes a little bribe helps....a 2 year old lesson at Brighton

Sometimes a little bribe helps....a 2 year old lesson at Brighton

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ December 21 2009

After a successful lesson with Emily at Brighton, we decided to give it a try with Brennan.  Since we had success with Gina, I requested her to teach Brennan. With the little guys, it's all about FUN.  Let's make it FUN.  Emily was easy, bonded with Gina and took off. Could Brennan do that? NOOO! Gina greeted him and was happy and friendly; Brennan turns his head and wouldn't look. Ok, now what...we've driven all the way here, I am a DEDICATED Mom and don't even have my skis. It is an ugly inversion in the Salt Lake Valley and we can breath easy up in the mountains. (That whole inversion thing is for another blog.)  Brennan gets a little stuffed horse to bond's working!  We head outside and grab the skis to walk to the lift. Of course, I carry him since he won't look at Gina. How many of you have one like this? :)dscn0662 (dscn0662)

2 good things:  he has his boots on and is standing in the snow.  No to the skis yet.  You have to ask yourself if they will do better with or without you. We try with at first since he likes Mom around.  Not I get out of sight.  Still not working. Gina is VERY patient and now at least he's talking to her, but laying in the snow.  I head back and decide it's time for ultimatums.  He likes to be outside, doesn't want to go home.  I give him a choice...put skis on and go up lift like a big boy or go home.  Well, no choice there...on go the skis and mission accomplished.

Now, if you've ever watched your little guy or gal at 2 go up a big lift..well, let's just say I was so proud.  He slid his feet up to the lift, Gina lifted him on and I now had the little horse and camera in hand as Brennan was heading up the mountain.

I watched as Gina had his hands and was having him slide his feet. The edgie wedgies were on and he was trying. (more on different types of edgie wedgies in another blog). Finally, Gina put him between her legs and held him under his arms and away they went down the hill.  He wasn't crying, he held his weight up and was willing to go again. Gina said at that age, the toughest thing is their balance. She said it was good he held his own weight vs just leaning on her. OK, if you've ever tried to ski down a hill holding a child...takes certain muscles...of which I don't THANKS GINA!  So, work on balance with your little ones...slide their feet around outside...even at your house or the bottom of the ski hill. Let them get used to the feel of it and walking in skis. dscn0677 (dscn0677)

One more time down, stuffed horse goes this time.  After that, he's done. Gina promised hot chocolate, so good incentive. And of course...the button! I refered to the button in the last blog...a reward for their efforts. They get stickers every time they accomplish something.  Brennan... well, he slid his feet, wasn't quite stopping, but got on the lift. In my opinion, a success. I don't think I could have gotton him on that lift.  If you're a great skier and have the strength and patience and if your child will listen to you, give it a go.  I'm thankful that Brighton had taken Brennan as a 2 year old. No, he's not potty trained, no it wasn't for longer than an hour; but at that age, those little legs are tired.  If you come to Utah and wonder if YOUR 2 year old can try this, let me know.  Give them a call at Brighton and set up a private lesson.  I can now try to work on his sliding around. How much did he grasp...I think he remembers because he's mentioned his skiing. Emily is going again and he wants to go too. A good sign!

Have a wonderful Christmas...we'll be celebrating it in the mountains.  More snow is headed our way...I made a deal with Mother Nature and Santa. ( I have that power as a Meteorologist:)