Tubing at Gorgoza Park in Park City

By Mountain Mama Mar 20, 2010
If you're looking for something to do with the kiddos for a few hours, tubing at Gorgoza Park in Park City is a great winter activity for families.
Tubing at Gorgoza Park in Park City

If you're looking for something to do with the kiddos for a few hours, tubing is a great activity.  It doesn't take a ton of energy and the kids love it.  We decided to check out Gorgoza tubing hill.  It is located just off the Jeremy Ranch exit off I-80 so quick access from Salt Lake or from Park City.

We chose an extremely warm day.  Advice...dress kids appropriately.  I did not and ended up carrying a bunch of jackets around since it was so warm and sunny.  The day we went it was about 50 degrees.  All you need is boots, snowpants, a long sleeved shirt and mittens.  I decided to put their helmets on as well.  I was surprised at how few little kids had helmets on.  Tubing isn't dangerous, however; if they fell off their tube on the tube track...better to be prepared.dscn0956 (dscn0956)

There are 2 sizes of tubes; small and big.  Em wanted to try the big one...don't do that.  You will end of lugging it because it's too heavy and they actually go faster in a smaller one.  It is for ages 3 and up.  Everyone has to ride alone, but if you're worried about your little ones; just hold their tubes.  I held onto Brens handle and we went down together.  Emily was "big" so she could go alone.  There is a little walking involved from getting off the hill back to the tow rope.  If you have a "slow walker",  just pull him in the tube...you'll get their faster.

dscn0958 (dscn0958)When you purchase your tickets, you can purchase either one ride or 2 or 4 hours.  With my kids being 3 and 4 (Brennan just turned 3), I would suggest the 2 hour.  After walking back and forth, they'll be about done.  What's nice is your ticket is stamped with the current time so you just have 2 hours from then vs waiting for an assigned 2 hour window.  The hours are from noon-8 pm weekends and 1 pm-8 pm on weekdays.  If you've been skiing all day and are looking for an evening activity to keep the kids busy, this is perfect since it's open late.

We select our tubes and up we go.   An attendant hooks the handle of your tube on a tow rope and it pulls you to the top of the hill.  It's a little walk to the top of the hill and down you go.  The hills are treated, so even when it is a bit warm...you can get some speed.  After several trips down, the kids want to take a break at Fort Frosty.  It is a play area for the 3-6 year olds.  There is a little "merry go round" where the tubes are attatched and kids sit in them and go round and round.  We spent a lot of time doing this.  There is also a very small hill to tube on and snowbanks to slide down.

You can bring your own snacks, or there is snacks for purchase.  After our 2 hours, we had tired out kids and little red noses.  Don't forget the sunsreen!

A great winter activity to check out after a day on the slopes!