Weekly Contest for Travel Tips

By Kendall Jan 5, 2009
Weekly Contest for Travel Tips

Everyone has a travel tip or something they do to make the journey or perhaps the destination all the better.

Stuff like "Don't try to sneak your buddy onto the plane in your monster DaKine Split Roller" or "On busy days at Salt Lake International go through the short term parking and use sky cap to check in and then park your car in long term or return to the rental" are travel tips I live by.

Whenever I'm leaving Salt Lake my favorite thing to do is to head down concourse C and grab a BBQ Chicken Pizza from CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and then proceed to open it once I've boarded my flight. Nothing like the sweet aroma of pizza throughout the cabin while everyone eats peanuts and pretzels.

submit-travel-tips1 (submit-travel-tips1)

But I digress. The Ski Utah Travel Tips contest is more inclined towards travel tips that you've mastered or perhaps learned by experience over the years. The grand prize for the best travel tip is a trip to Utah with airfare provided by Southwest Airlines.

Each week a winner will be drawn and they'll score a Ski Utah tee-shirt.

I'm looking for some creative tips. Here's a freebie and one that I know so many skiers know from experience: always, always, always carry on your ski boots. (and if they smell ripe, you're sure to keep the middle seat open for a more relaxed flight from Dulles to SLC.

Enter early and often.