Family Ski Resort Guide | Woodward Park City

Family Ski Resort Guide | Woodward Park City

Local Lexi

By Local Lexi \ December 16 2019

Utah’s most accessible tubing hill, Gorgoza Park, has undergone quite the transformation since the snow melted this spring. Opening for winter 2020, the sparkling new Woodward Park City facility will still feature tubing lanes for the whole family, but the additional adventure you’ll find here in Summit County has been supercharged.

Open daily, 365 days per year, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Woodward will encompass seven lanes of Utah’s longest groomed tubing lanes. But that is just the beginning of the upgrades. A new chairlift and three surface lifts will help skiers and snowboarders quickly morph into freestyle addicts with access to pipes, rails, jumps, and a designated zone for beginners. The campus will also feature a 66,000-square-foot indoor Action Sports Hub where guests can practice countless maneuvers and foundational athletic skills.

With laser focus on encouraging safe and responsible progression in action sports, Woodward will open a new chapter and endless possibilities for athletes young and old in Utah. From beginner to expert, there will always be room to grow and learn at Woodward. With a multitude of options and ways to play, Woodward offers drop-in sessions, all-access passes, monthly memberships, day sessions, lift tickets, lessons, summer day camps, and special events.

Memberships offer the best pricing and value for families and can be mixed and matched for tubing, sessions in the indoor Action Sports Hub, or the Outdoor Parks. Discounts on camps, programming, lessons and community events are also offered with memberships. Visit Woodward’s website for complete info on pricing and packages. 

Woodward Park City is located along Interstate-80 near Parley’s Summit between Salt Lake City and Park City. Approximate driving times (in favorable driving conditions) and distances are listed below:
Park City: 17 miles – 20 minutes
Salt Lake City: 23 miles – 30 minutes
Provo: 58 miles – 1 hour
Ogden: 60 miles – 1 hour 
Logan: 103 miles – 1 hour, 40 minutes
St. George: 260 miles – 3 hours, 30 minutes

In a 5th Grader’s Words:
“This. Is. Gonna. Be. Awesome!!!!”- Theo, Age 11



Skiable Acres: 80 Acres
Vertical Drop: 380 Feet
Terrain: A network of progressive terrain zones including a base area learning zone, freestyle zone, halfpipe, park jumps, and tubing park
Chairlifts: 1 Chairlift and 3 Surface Lifts
Night Skiing: Yes 
Action Sports Hub: 66,000-square-foot indoor facility with concrete park, bike pump track, mini ramps, parkour zone, spring floor, Olympic trampolines, foam pits, and digital media lab. More info here.
Offered Activities: skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX biking, freeride mountain biking, cheerleading, parkour, scootering, digital media training, tubing, trampoline, and tumbling.

It’s difficult to distill what Woodward provides in just a paragraph or two. You have to visit the site to really understand that there are no limits on adventure here. The indoor and outdoor facilities on the campus basically encompass the ideal playground for adrenaline junkies young or old.

Woodward Park City seamlessly creates a path to progression with their diverse menu of available activities (see above). Guests can first explore the indoor Action Sports Hub to hone basic fundamentals such as balance, air awareness, strength, and agility. The architecture of the complex harbors distinct action sport habitats where skills can be practiced and perfected independently, in small groups, clinics, or workshops. Mini ramps, spring floors, Olympic trampolines, and foam pits all encourage responsible progression where athletes can push their boundaries safely. (Read more below in our Main Lodge section.)

Outdoors, otherwise known as the Mountain Park, the terrain has been thoughtfully constructed to help athletes smoothly translate the skills they’ve learned indoors to a snowy setting. For example, the Start Park is where first-timers begin their Woodward adventure. The terrain has been manipulated to feature slight contours and banked turns to teach proper technique and control. The carefully designed terrain is like nothing else in Utah and provides a seamless introduction to the sport, making learning both comfortable and fun for all ages. 

Woodward is all about progression, so when a student or guest is ready, they can step it up a notch. Just gaze up the hill at the looming halfpipe and you’ll begin to understand what is possible at Woodward. 


The Park City is a fare free transit system servicing Park City and Summit Counties. The Pink Line will include a bus stop at the Woodward facility. Click here for more information and route details. 


Not exactly your average ski lodge, but an amazing place nonetheless, the Action Sports Hub serves as the heart of Woodward Park City. This massive complex is open 365 days per year and feels a little bit like a kid’s fantasy land. With enough activities and programming to keep kids busy, Woodward provides kids (and adults) with the opportunity to progress in a positive and supportive environment.

The Action Sports Hub offers 2-hour sessions, day rates, and monthly memberships. The facility contains the following: 
Concrete Park – A 10,000-square-foot concrete park for skaters, BMX bikes, and scooters 
Pump Track – An indoor flow track integrated with rollers, rails, and features for scooters, BMX bikes, and skateboards
Acro Zone – For tumbling and acrobatics, this area features a spring floor, air track, tumble track, rod floor, and more
Parkour Zone – Practice stunt tricks and flow on this dynamic indoor course to prepare for Parkour in urban settings
Trampoline Zone – Gain air awareness and practice aerial tricks on seven Olympic-quality, super bouncy trampolines
Mini Mega – This zone features a foam pit, booters, and a launching pad to practice aerial tricks
Mini Ramps – A set of rails and mini jumps with airbag landing zones alongside a mini ramp
Digital Media Lab - Study the fast-moving industry of digital media, digital marketing, and video editing in this state-of-the-art digital lab



Woodward Park City boasts professional coaches and you may recognize a big name or two among their staff. Located close to the Utah Olympic Park and Park City, there’s ample talent in these silver-studded hills to service the local community. Lessons at Woodward begin indoors and then move out onto the snow, offering an innovative way to introduce newbies to snow sports.

Weekend Programs
For ages 7 and up, Woodward offers multi-week programming for all ability levels and ages. These cutting-edge offerings are specifically designed for those who want to see consistent progression. Classes are offered in sessions of 4, 6, 12, and 24. For a complete list of classes, click here. Disciplines are organized by snowboarding, skiing, or multi-sport (which includes instruction in all activities offered inside the hub like trampoline, parkour, skateboarding, scootering, and biking.) More information on different types of classes here.

To manage athlete expectations and progressions, classes at Woodward are grouped by age and ability level and guests will receive training from the same coach for each session, though it may vary by activity. Helmets are required and ski or snowboard rentals are not included.
Weekend programs also include the following: 
• Access to the outdoor Mountain Park and the Action Sports Hub
• Progressive training tools and techniques
• Proprietary indoor training programs
• Relationship building
• Groups of small sizes
• Recreational games and activities
• Guidance to professional coaches and athletes


Rental equipment will be available at Woodward in the Action Sports Hub. Expect to find rentals for all the activities offered at Woodward. For kids and adults, Woodward will offer skis, ski boots, poles, snowboards, snowboard boots, helmets, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, skateboards, and scooters. 

In the upper level of the Action Sports Hub, Woodward will curate a selection of logo gear and in the softgoods shop downstairs, patrons may find gear like beanies, gloves, facemasks, and socks, etc. 


There are two dining options at Woodward. There is a café and bar named The Grind and a cafeteria dubbed The Hive. Woodward serves up pizza, TexMex cuisine, grilled food and paninis. A salad bar offers diners the option to customize their meal. The Woodward folks understand kids, so there will be plenty of kid-friendly choices and enough offerings to keep parents smiling too. 


Though Woodward is not a childcare facility, there is obviously plenty of action here to keep any kid busy. For kids aged 0-3, there is programming available, though they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For children 4-6 years in age, parents must be onsite. Children 7 and up can play without parent supervision.