Guide to Mountain Biking at Snowbasin Resort

By Local Lexi Jun 1, 2022
Use this guide to learn about mountain biking at Snowbasin Resort in the summer months and how to make the most of your visit to Ogden Valley.
Guide to Mountain Biking at Snowbasin Resort

Summer at Snowbasin

From brunch to hiking to biking, Snowbasin Resort offers a cool retreat for summer fun thanks to its high altitude location nestled in the foothills above Ogden Valley. Its east-facing orientation helps visitors beat the heat for an afternoon enjoying the natural splendor of the resort's landscape. Get away from it all in Northern Utah with a visit to Snowbasin this summer. Extend your stay with the well-appointed Compass Rose Lodge, and take a dip after your ride in the sparkling waters of Pineview Reservoir. Gondola access hums up the mountain for hikers or bikers on weekends, and visitors can expect to enjoy wildflowers and wildlife. Challenge your skills with the 18-hole Wildflower Mini Golf Course or simply sample the delicious fare and jaw-dropping views atop the 8,600' Needles Gondola. 


Mountain Biking at Snowbasin

With 26 miles of trails offered at Snowbasin, this is a great way to spend the day, whether you're hiking or mountain biking. The single-track trails bomb through groves of aspen and stands of pine trees, and different trails are crafted for riders of all abilities. Snowbasin's trails also link up with Forest Service trails nearby for added mileage. From downhill switchbacks and rugged rock gardens to a mellow cruise through meadows and woods for family time, Snowbasin offers a solid variety of biking trails. 

In the summer months, the Snowbasin Needles Gondola and dining options are open Saturdays and Sundays through October. The Needles gondola offering lift-assisted hiking and biking runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Leashed dogs are welcome but are not permitted in dining areas or where food is served. During weekdays, cyclists or hikers are welcome to access the Snowbasin trails on their own, as the lifts are not spinning.

The easiest riding is located around Snowbasin's base village. Here there are a number of Green Circle trails perfect for families or those just getting started on their mountain biking journey. Try Moose Loop and Meadow Loop for a short and relatively flat trail through the woods. For a bit more climbing and interesting terrain, try Green Pond which features riding through lush greenery and a visit to a small pond. This trail is a great place for beginners hoping to move into more challenging terrain.

Step it up with a jaunt down the Blue Square trail Last Chance. This trail can be ridden in either direction and offers great shade as it meanders through the trees. Another option with more switchbacks is the Moonshine Trees trail. Squirrel and Littlecat Express are more accessible Blue Square trails near the base.


From the top of Needles Gondola, bikers have a variety of options for downhill fun. The classic and longest decent for bikers is the Needles Trail, one of the more challenging of Snowbasin's Blue Square ratings which newer riders may find difficult. Expect rock gardens and switchbacks, which make climbing this trail from the base a hearty challenge. The lower section of the trail is less rocky with buff sections and lots of twists, turns and big flowy berms. Porcupine is a downhill-only Black Diamond trail meant to be ridden at high speed across varied terrain. There are sections of loose rock, stream crossings, rock gardens and a handful of technical banked turns. 

More Mountain Biking Trails Near Snowbasin

Thanks to its rural location, there are a plethora of trails near Snowbasin that beg to be explored. This includes the trails at neighboring Powder Mountain. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

Sardine Peak
This trail is approximately 6 miles in length with over 1,000' in climbing not far from Snowbasin Resort. It is recommended to ride the trail clockwise and to keep an eye out for hikers and dogs who also frequently use the trail. This trail is relatively smooth and buff, though it does require some climbing. It is possible to park at the Snowbasin base village and access the trail via a double-track Forest Service fire road. There aren't a ton of features on this trail, so it is suitable for intermediates who are willing to pedal uphill.  

Wheeler Creek

This trail connects with Snowbasin's trail system and is often used to connect from the Art Nord Trailhead to the neighboring Maples, Sardine and Icebox trails. Brilliant aspens and oak dot the scenery in the fall, and this trail provides many options for extending your mileage from Snowbasin's bike trails. There are some technical sections.


Snowbasin Summer Hours
Beginning in June and running through September or October, Snowbasin welcomes guests to ride the Needles Gondola on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Check Snowbasin's website for current operating hours and closing day. Hikers, bikers, sightseers and leashed dogs are welcome. Snowbasin's dining and mini-golf course are also open and operating on these days. On weekdays, guests are welcome to access the trails, but the Needles Gondola will not be running. 

Snowbasin Summer Ticket Pricing
Access to hike or bike uphill is free for guests of Snowbasin. For those who wish to ride the Needles Gondola, pricing is as follows. 

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