Most Unusual Places to Propose in Utah

By Local Lexi Aug 14, 2023
Utah is obviously blessed with natural splendor and some of the most beautiful scenery in America. It's the perfect place to pop a wedding proposal, here's where!
Most Unusual Places to Propose in Utah

As a Utahan I may be a little biased in my assessment, but I'm confident that few states in America come close to Utah in rivaling the diversity, grandiosity, and majesty of our scenic landscapes. From granite crags to azure lakes and a healthy heaping of red rock in between, there are no shortage of inspiring vistas in our surrounding desert lands.


Whether you're local or just visiting, there's no better place than Utah to conduct a memorable marriage proposal or just absolutely nail those engagement photos. Sure, you could pick one of our five National Parks or pop the question atop one of our 15 awesome ski resorts, but I thought it might be more fun to venture a bit further afield.

I present you with the best and most unusual places to pop a marriage proposal within the state of Utah...


Mystic Hot Springs is located in central Utah near the town of Monroe. It's an eclectic collection of rustic hot spring pools and antique clawfoot tubs embedded right into the hillside near the source waters. The result is a whimsical travertine landscape and a romantic getaway where couples can relax, recharge, camp, park an RV, or rent a funky cabin or bus. The vibe is certainly laid back and the venue does host music concerts from time to time. Instagram-worthy doesn't even begin to cover Mystic, as the unusual and highly burnished orange and russet tones will make for a memorable experience and phenomenal photos. As stated by the folks who run the hot spring itself: 

"The best hippie hot springs in the West! An oasis in the desert."


The steamy waters around Mystic Hot Springs flow out of the hillsides at a healthy 200 gallons per minute at a consistent temperature of 168 degrees Fahrenheit. The waters are laden with calcium carbonate which forms the structure of the huge, orange travertine mounds that define the distinctive landscape. The calcium and other trace minerals are excellent for your skin and soothing sore, achy muscles. Mystic's water has no sulfur content so the springs are odor free and there's no need to shower or wash off after soaking.


There's something humbling and awe-inspiring about entering the labyrinth of Utah's canyon country. Navigating one of our many slot canyons is an effective way to feel small and understand the power that eons of time can wield. Present your partner with the proposition to remain together through thick and thin, just be sure to choose a segment of the slot canyon that doesn't require shimmying! Beyond hiking in rugged terrain, slot canyoneering requires special experience and knowledge. Flash flooding is a phenomenon that can result in injury or death, if you aren't slot savvy, hire a guide!


Sure, Utah has a billion ancient rocks but the power of the sands of time is truly on display at the splendid feature known as the Cosmic Navel or the Cosmic Ashtray. It does require a bit of a hike but the unusual feature offers drama, a sweeping backdrop, and an unforgettable landform to boot. Your love is cosmic so it's no stretch to acknowledge your next milestone at Utah's Cosmic Navel in Escalante. 



One of my earliest memories is of a guided tour inside Timpanogos Cave near Provo, Utah. I'll never forget the moment the ranger turned his light off and lit up a limestone feature dubbed "The Heart of the Mountain," a 4,000-pound stalactite that eerily resembles an anatomically correct human heart.

At least 12 versions of an indigenous legend exist about the origin and meaning of the mighty Mount Timpanogos. The silhouette of the mountain itself is said to be the outline of a broken-hearted indigenous woman. She was madly in love with the warrior Red Eagle but was chosen as a sacrifice to the gods in a bid to end a fearsome drought. Upon completion of her sacrifice, Red Eagle found her and took her to the caves inside the mountain where their two hearts became one, forming the stalactite now called the "Great Heart of Timpanogos." 



A sea of shifting pink sand, sculpted by the surrounding elements, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, near Zion, is an underrated and incredibly inspiring landscape. The dunes can move as much as 50 feet in the span of a year and serve as the perfect backdrop for hiking, sandboarding, ATV riding, camping...and unforgettable marriage proposals or engagement photos.

The pink-hued Navajo Sandstone near the town of Kanab has been eroded by wind blowing between the Moquith and Moccasin Mountains for nearly 15,000 years. The grains eventually detach from the sandstone and deposit in the neighboring valley where the striking dunes can be found. We recommend a visit around sunrise or sunset when the pastel colors of the sandstone are illuminated by the rising or setting sun. This small state park protects a number of endemic plants and animals found nowhere else in the world and it's a special place to commit for life!


Of course, we've all seen a million wedding and engagement photos on the Bonneville salt flats, but I propose to elevate the experience with a swirl of unique visual interest. Back in 1970 the renowned artist Robert Smithson embarked on an odd and whimsical mission to construct an enormous rock jetty near Rozel Point in the northern arm of the Great Salt Lake. The desolate landscape wasn't exactly an obvious choice for a massive earthwork art installation but its stark beauty fosters an unforgettable experience at the Spiral Jetty.


Photo by Lexi Dowdall

The 1,500-foot long jetty is constructed of black, basalt rock gathered near the site. Its unique beauty is complimented by the austere landscape that surrounds the earthwork. Salt crystals cover the rocks and it is particularly striking by the light of sunrise, sunset, or a full moon. What makes this earthwork so beguiling is the fact that it is constantly changing. A dynamic relationship between nature and the manmade structure means that it's undergoing constant change depending on the salinity of the lake, the water levels, and the activity of algae and organisms called extremophiles that may turn the water pink or coral-hued. Do note that at times there will be bug and brine fly hatches along the shoreline, so be sure to do your research prior to planning the big day. 


Why not visit one of our fun-filled Octoberfest venues for a memorable moment among the mountains? Bonus points if you both don outfits! 


There will be plenty of fellow revelers around to snap photos of the big moment and you'll absolutely nail those engagement photos with a scenic background and a dewy glow from the German beer infusions. Scenic lift rides are offered at all our resort Oktoberfest festivals so the opportunity for stunning summit top photos abounds. The following resorts host Oktoberfest events: 



Brian Head 


If you are truly a dedicated skier or snowboarder, there is no better way to pay homage to your love than a proposal underneath the fins of our great 9th and 9th Whale. Many believe the cetacean is responsible for our bountiful and blower powder here in Utah. I personally could not imagine a more appropriate place to forge a lifelong commitment than underneath the benevolent arms of our beautiful inland whale. 


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