Canyons Resort - Great backcountry access!

By Powderhound Matt Mar 16, 2012
Maximizing fun and minimizing risk in the backcountry.
Canyons Resort - Great backcountry access!

Avalanches and avalanche fatalities have received a ton of press coverage this season.  I decided it might be a good idea to show folks what equipment we take with us on our tours into the backcountry and also try and show you how to use some of this equipment.  By no means are we professionals but here are some of the steps we take to minimize risk but also maximize fun in the backcountry. 

Living in Park City, the easiest option for us to access the backcountry is through the gate at Canyons resort.  Canyons has numerous access points throughout the mountain but it is critical that you follow the proper precautions before leaving the resort boundary.  Hopefully this short little video can help  answer some questions you may have.  One thing I can't stress enough, it is extremely important to check the avalanche forecast daily.  Sign up for the daily email and read it! This is the first thing I read every morning, even when I'm not planning on leaving the resort.  It's too easy not to read, the Utah Avalanche Center is doing all the hard work for you and keeps you in the know.  They monitoring the snow pack and observe what is going on around us on a daily basis. The more information you have the better equipped you are to make the proper decisions.  Remember to practice with your equipment, make sure it's always working properly, always ski with a partner, observer mountain and snowpack conditions and be safe!  Oh and remember to always have fun! 

*One thing I'd like to add. During the video Jason said he is comfortable with a beacon reading above 60%, most would tell you they like to keep their beacons between 80% and 100% and I would have to agree with that statement.