Christmas in August, well for me anyway!

By Powderhound Matt Aug 18, 2011
Getting excited for the upcoming ski season. Mountain biking the Crest Trail at midnight!
Christmas in August, well for me anyway!

There are few things in this world that get me as excited as a fresh blanket of snow on a winter's morning. In August when new snow just isn't in the cards I turn to the United States Postal Service for my fix, yeah I said the Postal Service. Like clock work, every year, late in August I'd find either the new Ski Magazine or Powder Magazine stuffed in my mail box like a gift stuffed in a stocking on Christmas morning. This year Powder Magazine was the first to grace me with its presence and man oh man it has got me fired up for ski season. Not only is it packed with a 71 page powder skiers buyers guide (which I love)

but it has an incredible story of two ski bums chasing blizzards across the West during the epic season that was 2010-2011. Of course they happened to make a stop at my favorite place on the planet, Alta Utah after a 12 inch dump, well read it for yourself it's sure to get the juices flowing.

Powder Magazine (img_4470)

Then there is another little gem called, the Jaded Local " Lightning Strike Sneak Attack on Skiing Shitheads", now this article is a MUST read if you're planning on coming out West this winter for a ski trip. It explains all the ins and outs on how to combat that "Dude Bro", who is just way way better than you and too cool for school to share a friendly conversation or two on a chairlift. Like I said, it's a must read.


Lastly, be sure to check out the article on page 102 "Beast of the Earth - An Expedition Deep into Alaska's Revelations Mountains" words and photos by Jim Harris. As soon as I saw this I was stopped dead in my tracks, Jim Harris I thought? The Jim Harris I'm friends with, ski with and bike with, who lives in Park City. Sure enough it was him. The first thing I did was hop on my lap top and check Jim's facebook page. Sure enough here is what I found.


Be sure to check out Jim's first published article, it's an outstanding read and it has some incredible photos as well. Then if you have some free time on your hands check out his blog at . Last week he climbed the Grand Teton in Wyoming!

jim-harris (jim-harris)


Oh and I almost forgot to mention, August 17th is my birthday. Guess what I got? An awesome four hour midnight ride on the Wasatch Crest mountain biking trail. Had I been in New York I probably would have thrown back a few too many drinks at the bar and woken up this morning with a massive hangover. Not in Utah though, where else can you ride you're bike under a super bright moon at 10,000 feet for miles, during the middle of the night? 

Truck (img_4484)

Top of Guardsmans Pass 12:30 am August 17, 2011


Park City, Solitude, Brighton (img_4488)

Park City and Brighton Resorts

Night Rider (img_4515)

Night Riders on the Crest high above Salt Lake City



The ride continues into the night

Square Top Crew (img_4529)

The crew looking back towards Square Top at the Canyons

Birthday Shots (img_4533)

High West Whiskey Shots for my Birthday back at the bottom of the Canyons at 3:55am