Jan 13 Historically the Snowiest Day of the Winter

Powderhound Matt

By Powderhound Matt \ January 6 2015 \ 3 Comments

January 13th is historically the snowiest day of the winter in the Wasatch.  To be precise there is a 43% chance that it will snow on this day.  


snow stats.png

While we are sitting underneath this massive high pressure dome, enjoying spring like skiing I assumed we’d have a better chance of hell freezing over this season than it actually snowing on the 13th.  So I did a little digging... 


Sure enough, the latest computer model runs are showing a storm for Tuesday.  Not a blockbuster, nothing epic but sure enough the forecast right now calls for about 4 - 7 inches of snow to fall throughout the day.  Coincidence?  I don’t know... but What I’m saying is there is chance...

So you're telling me there's a chance.png


Looking for more interesting Utah Snow Facts, check out this link.  

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