Mid winter conditions, with late season pricing

By Powderhound Matt Apr 4, 2011
As the ski season winds down, some Utah resorts have decided to extended their seasons by a week or two. Along with extended closing dates and the deepest settled snow bases we've seen in years, the discounts on lodging and lift tickets is unbelievable as well.

As the ski season slowly begins to come come to a close, some Utah resorts have decided to push their closing days back by a week or two.  Along with extended closing dates and the deepest settled snow bases we've seen in years, the discounts on lodging and lift tickets are pretty unbelievable as well.  For instance, Park City Mountain Resort is offering $85 a day to ski and stay. This package is available until closing day.  During the regular season, you couldn't even get a single day's lift ticket for that price and now you can get lodging and a lift ticket for under $90 a day!  

I've been told that people just don't have skiing on their minds this time of year for whatever reason. I am not one of those people. In my opinion, now is really the best time of the year to take a ski trip.  We have the deepest snow of the season, prices are about half of what they are during peak season, lift lines are well, just nonexistent and our weather is great.  Right now we seem to be in a really good weather pattern which looks to continue through at least mid April. We seem to have one big storm after another that dumps between 8-18 inches, then followed by a bluebird powder day, followed by a warm spring skiing day, then you guessed it another deep powder day.  I think you get the point I'm trying to make. It's really good out here right now.

Sunday morning's storm produced another fine day of skiing powder at Park City Mountain Resort. The weather was all over the place, one minute sunny, the next snowing, then dumping, then sunny again but the out come was simply very satisfying, it was deep, about 15 inches deep! Check out the video below, so you can get a feel for our current conditions. 

I'd like to personally thank thank Mother Nature for delivering us a 126 inch base depth at the top of the Jupiter lift at Park City, Ski Patrol for getting the resort rocking and rolling after that nasty storm Saturday night, and whole Park City team for keeping their lifts turning for an extra 7 days this year!  All those Powderhounds out their really really appreciate it.

I'll leave you with two last questions.  When do you think Alta will cross the 600 inch mark? When will Park City cross the 400 inch mark?  I'd bet the ranch it happens this week, the only question is what day.