Monster Dump at Beaver Mountain

Monster Dump at Beaver Mountain

Powderhound Matt

By Powderhound Matt \ March 2 2014

This blog is hard for me... I seriously didn’t want to write it. It’s not that I didn’t have an absolute blast today because I did. Honestly today was one of . . . if not the best day of my season.  It’s not because I literally skied untracked powder all day long.  It’s not because there were only 51 cars in the parking lot at 11 am, I know because I counted. It’s not because the place was practically empty on a 16 inch powder day. It’s not because I never waited for a single lift all day. It’s not because it only took us two hours and ten minutes travel time from Park City when I was expecting a three hour drive. The real reason I don’t want to talk about this place is because I never ever want to see Beaver Mountain change. Unfortunately it’s my job to tell you. So that’s that...

Beaver Mountain is about as old school as it gets. Take what you know about Powder Mountain being old school and then times it by ten.  I fell in love with this place today. It has some of the most enjoyable tree skiing in Utah. Hell, I’m going to to say it. In my opinion it is the best tree skiing in Utah.  You’re  not going to find the Steeps of Little Cottonwood Canyon here or the gourmet food of Snowbasin but what you will find is a ski area that needs to be put on your bucket list.  If you never make the trip up, that’s just fine by me, the fewer people that know about this place the better. Beaver Mountain is one of the last magical ski areas out there, almost trapped in a time warp.  Beaver Mountain embodies everything that I hope to get out of a day of skiing.