The Season for Snowbird

By Sarah Sherman Jan 9, 2023
Brand-new Tram cabins, some of the best early-season conditions on record and 2,500 acres to ski. If you've been waiting to visit Snowbird, the time is now.
The Season for Snowbird

When dreaming of bucket list ski trips, the question is less “if” you will go, and more importantly, when. Snowbird, known for its deep snow and legendarily challenging terrain, is a must-have on any skier or snowboarder’s bucket list. And, lucky for you, they’re having one of their best seasons ever. 

If, somehow, the videos of seemingly endless amounts of powder have escaped your social media feeds, let me catch you up. As of mid-December, Snowbird already boasts over 300” of snowfall—double its snow totals from this time last year, and over half of its season average of 500”. Snowbird is having some of its best early season conditions of all time, right now. 

Of its 2,500 skiable acres, all three mountain zones—Gad Valley, Peruvian Gulch, and Mineral Basin—are open. This is incredibly rare before the New Year and means that there is more mountain to explore than normal for holiday visitors. 

But, we still haven't even scratched the surface of what makes this season so special. Snowfall aside, this winter holds historical significance at the Bird. For the first time in 50 years, brand-new Tram cabins now whisk skiers and riders to 11,000 ft. Go behind the installation of the new Trams, here.


The original Tram cabins were replaced last year for sleeker models in the tried and true red and blue. With updated technology and floor-to-ceiling windows, even veteran Snowbird loyalists have something new to look forward to. 

So, if your questions as to when you should ski or snowboard at Snowbird still lingers, here’s the answer: the time is now. 

Make the most of your trip:


Snowbird is rewarding those who carpool to the mountain this season with surprise rewards like a gas gift card or free access to their Fast Tracks lanes for the day. Enjoy carpool-specific parking options, decrease traffic, get rewarded and have fun. Win-win-win-win. 

Ride in the Fast Lane

Each high-speed chairlift on the mountain features a Fast Tracks-only lane. Available for a daily add-on to any day ticket or season pass, Fast Tracks gets you to the goods… Faster. Ideal for powder days or the holidays, this is a key add-on for a bucket list trip. 



Experience the New Tram

This goes without saying. In 50 years when they’re replacing these Tram cabins, you’ll get to say you rode them when they were brand new. 

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Download the Snowbird App

Download the Snowbird app and get access to the inside scoop on lift and terrain openings in real-time via push notifications. You’ll be first to the Mineral Basin rope drop and paired with your Fast Tracks ticket, you’ll be ready to go round two. Along with notifications for lift and terrain statuses, The Snowbird app gives you live lift wait times, shows you where your friends and family are on-mountain and you can even challenge yourself to match (or beat) some of Snowbird’s top locals for most vertical for the day. Good luck, you’ll need at least 35,000 vertical feet for a chance at the top!

Soak It All In

After an amazing day on the mountain, relax your muscles and mind at The Cliff Spa. Your body will thank you and all of your friends will be jealous. 



Stay and Save

Snowbird offers a number of different lodging specials and packages, saving you bucks whether you’re coming for the holidays, a season passholder, or want to take a lesson. Check out all of your options to plan and ski smart. 

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