Five Utah Hot Springs to Hit After Mountain Biking

By Tele Tony Aug 9, 2021
Utah has perfect dirt and relaxing geothermal heated water. Enjoy both with these five hot springs to hit after mountain biking.
 Five Utah Hot Springs to Hit After Mountain Biking

When combining dirt and water, the end result is typically mud. But what if the dirt is the packed surface of a perfect singletrack ribbon and the water fills a geothermally heated natural spring? Now we’re talking about something closer to paradise than the components of a nasty sludge. Mountain biking and hot springs. That’s what Utah does!

The combination works in perfect synergy. After grinding out a strenuous climb and hammering through a rough descent, a few aches and pains are quite common. What better way to soothe the soreness than by taking your après-bike festivities to the mineral-enriched therapeutic waters of a hot spring? These are five of our favorite Utah hot springs to hit after a mountain bike ride.

Central Utah

Soak: Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe  

Ride: Spinal Tap in Richfield

Start with some Gooseberry-style, technical downhill riding on the Spinal Tap Trail, which is chock full of ledgy slickrock and even some flowy berms. When you’re done take a short drive over to Mystic Hot Springs in nearby Richfield. There are two hot spring swimming pools and some private, vintage bathtubs surrounded by Salvador Dali inspired rock formations.

Spanish Fork

Soak: Fifth Water Hot Springs in Spanish Fork

Ride: Strawberry Narrows in Tucker

Enjoy a cool dip and a hot soak in the same day. The Strawberry Narrows Trail skirts the edge of the Strawberry Reservoir with rolling singletrack through aspen forest. Take a break for a swim along the way, and end the day at the Fifth Water Hot Springs (also known as the Diamond Fork Hot Springs). The four-mile, out-and-back hike is well worth the effort for the stunning waterfalls and naturally heated pools.

Wasatch Back

Soak: Homestead Crater in Midway

Ride: Deer Valley Bike Park in Park City

After an epic day careening down technical downhills like NCS and flow trails like Tidal Wave at warp speed in the Deer Valley Bike Park, loosen up with a visit to the Homestead Crater. The geothermal spring is hidden inside a 55-foot tall limestone rock at the Homestead Resort in Midway. Visitors to the crater can take a relaxing swim, go scuba diving, or even take a SUP Yoga class in the naturally-heated 96-degree water.

Northern Utah

Soak: Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville

Ride: Rick’s Canyon to Steel Hollow in Logan

A scenic climb up Rick’s Canyon leads to a classic downhill lap on Steel Hollow where mellow flow leads to pinballing rock sections. The incredible three-mile downhill has a little bit of everything. After the exhilaration stop in for a soak at Crystal Hot Springs. The springs have three hot tubs and two pools and are famous for having the highest mineral content in the world along with being the closest natural occurrence of a hot and cold spring in one area. 

Utah Valley 

Soak: Inlet Hot Springs in Saratoga Springs

Ride: Eagle Mountain Bike Trails in Eagle Mountain

There’s no shortage of bike trails at Eagle Mountain, from fast, easy flow on Creed and Supersonic to more advanced, featured terrain on Rocky Balboa. Whatever your flavor, you can make quick work of numerous trails before checking out Inlet Hot Springs in Saratoga Springs. The natural hot springs are a short jaunt from the trailhead—it’s under a mile to get there—with relaxing solitude that feels as though it’d be much more arduous to find.