Double D's Mountain Bike Shuttle

By Powderhound Matt Sep 22, 2011
The first snow has fallen, the leaves are changing colors, last chance to get some single track riding in. If you're getting a little lazy try Double D's Mountain Bike Shuttle. In my opinion it's a real bargain.
Double D's Mountain Bike Shuttle

I'm not posting today to brag about once again riding the Crest Trail on another beautiful late summer's day here in Utah. Instead, today I wanted to put the word out on the street, for all you semi lazy mountain bikers out there that just don't feel like making the climb from 7,000 feet up to 10,000 to ride the world famous Wasatch Crest Trail. Now that the free bus in Park City and the Deer Valley lifts have stopped for the season, I present you with the next best option.

Before setting out on our ride today, my good friend George remembered he saw this cab rolling around town that said Double D's Mountain Bike Shuttle. I'm wondering how can a guy in a ski town forget that name. Anyway, as he remembered the van was fitted with a custom made six person bike rack. We figured what the hell, let's give this guy a call and find out what his rates are. So we dialed him up and we were super glad we did. Double D was at our front door in 15 minutes ready to shuttle us up to the Crest. His fare was super reasonable, for $30 George and I were on top of the Crest ready to shred!

Here is Double D's Phone number 435-571- TAXI (8294). Hey and if you live down in Salt Lake don't feel left out, they will come get you down there as well. If you can fill a van of 6 riders or less they will meet you at 39S and 215 and then shuttle you to the top of Guardsmans as well.

For those in Park City. here are their rates:

To Silver Lake Lodge:

from Parleys $40 a load

Pinebrook $35 a load

Canyons $25 a load

PCMR $20 a load

If you're looking to go to the Top of Guardsmans to access the Wasatch Crest Trail just add an additional $10 to each of the Silver Lake rates above.

Trust me it's an awesome deal. They even said they'll bring us up there at night if your looking to do a Full Moon ride.

Oh and I forgot to mention the leaves are just starting to turn up here in town so come on up and enjoy!


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