Powder days aren't just for adults!

By Mountain Mama Jan 11, 2012
Snow returned to Utah over the weekend. We're on week 4 of lessons at Snowbird and the kids were ready! As Emily said "we got some pow pow!"

OK, so it's not a record setting snow year in Utah...yet.  But, if you build it, it will come.  We just need a little patience and we got us a good dump over the weekend.  For the adults..excitement and hooting and hollaring!  For the kids, well take a look at Brennan in the powder...see, even he wants to hit the deep stuff at 4!  And he also informed me he is going to be in the Olympics shredding the half pipe!

After following Brennan and Emily at Snowbird, in their weekly lessons, I have to give Shauna props for patience!  Shauna is Brens teacher.  Try keeping 4 kids, 2 of which are boys, in line at 4 years old!  Somehow, she keeps them going.  Although as you can see by the video, not always staying in the line.  She did get the kids using their hands as a "driving" tool, steering wheel to pull their weight forward.  That is tough in deep powder!

 For the first time, we did 2 lessons in a row.  Snowbird Saturday, Deer Valley Sunday.  Stay tuned for that!  Not easy, but the kids did GREAT!

Also, a reminder, January is learn to ski and snowboard month.  Ski' n See is running great deals for rentals.  Check out these coupons!

And we need some advice!  Instead of me giving it, I need some.  Brennan kept taking his goggles off because "he couldn't see".   It's snowing sideways and we're trying to wipe them, but he keeps going into the snow, headfirst at times, then pulling his goggles off.  They were freezing up a bit.  Help!! Let me know what you do??