Utah Ski Resort Uphill Policies During COVID-19

By Yeti Mar 15, 2020
Know before you go. If your favorite resort is closed due to COVID-19, check here before you venture uphill.
Utah Ski Resort Uphill Policies During COVID-19

As many resorts in Utah suspend operations in support of our nation’s efforts to limit the spread and risks associated with COVID-19, some of you may be wondering if you can still venture out on your own at your favorite resort, without the chairlift. While some resorts will offer limited uphill access, not all do. Please be sure to check the resort's website before heading up to the mountain and please respect all policies and employees during this unprecedented time.

For the most recent updates on the operation status of Utah's ski resorts during COVID-19, please check your favorite resort's website, or see a summary of all the updates here. The following resorts currently have suspended operations, and have listed their uphill travel policies below. Please respect these policies for your safety and the safety of resort employees.

  • Alta Ski Area: Uphill traffic currently allowed. Read more here.
  • Beaver Mountain: Uphill traffic allowed. Read the full policy page.
  • Brian Head: No uphill travel allowed.
  • Brighton Resort: No uphill travel allowed as of 3/20/20. Read more here.
  • Cherry Peak Resort: Uphill travel allowed.
  • Deer Valley: No uphill travel allowed. Mountain access is completely off-limits when the resort is closed.
  • Eagle Point: No uphill travel allowed.
  • Nordic Valley: No uphill travel allowed.
  • Park City Mountain: No uphill travel allowed.
  • Powder Mountain: No uphill travel allowed (effective March 29). More information here.
  • Snowbasin Resort: Uphill traffic is open starting Friday, March 27. Read more here.
  • Snowbird: No uphill travel allowed.
  • Solitude Mountain Resort: No uphill travel allowed.
  • Sundance Mountain Resort: No uphill travel allowed.
  • Woodward Park City: No uphill travel or jib sessions allowed.

Backcountry conditions exist at all resorts with uphill travel. If you choose to enter the backcountry, make sure you have the proper equipment and education. Learn more at utahavalanchecenter.org.