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Utah Ski Gear is a family-owned and operated ski shop located in Sandy, Utah. We also have an online store servicing customers worldwide.

What Makes Utah Ski Gear Great?

Utah Ski Gear works to make skiing affordable and fun at any income level. Famous for our $99 ski and snowboard packages - a favorite among locals, -and- our "Satisfaction Guarantee", we are appreciated by customers worldwide. Part of making skiing fun is having equipment that fits and that is appropriate for your level. Utah Ski Gear offers customized appointments so that you get one-on-one attention while being fitted for, and buying skis, snowboards, boots, and poles. This level of attention allows us to concentrate on your individual needs, making the best possible recommendations from our new and used inventory. So, whether you're looking for used skis for the kids this year, or want to shred brand new all-mountain skis, we've got you covered.

Services and Equipment:

New Premium Skis:
Buy new premium performance skis from brands like Nordica, Elan, Fischer, DPS and more~!

New Closeout Skis:
Select popular skis from brands like Rossignol, Head, Facade, Kastle and others!

Premium Demos:

When it comes to purchasing high-end skis, we believe it makes sense to “try before you buy”. If you would like to upgrade your skis, or you are looking to test out a new pair of high-performance skis, our demo program is a great choice. If you love the skis after your demo you can purchase them and take them home. Did you know your demo fees can be count toward your sticker price?? Select from top brands like Nordica, Fischer, Elan, DPS and more.

Try top-rated skis for $30/ day or as low as $24 if reserved online. These skis are either this year’s current model or carry over skis from our demo line of the previous season. If you decide you would like to purchase a pair of these skis, you can count up to 3 days of demo fees toward the price of your new ski.

Slightly Used Demos:

Buy a slightly used Demo from our fleet of top brands like Nordica, Fischer, Elan, DPS, Liberty and more. These skis are 1-3 years old and in great condition. Some skis are the same as current premium skis, but with older top sheet graphics! Get into a great ski at a great price today.


In 18/19 we expanded our services to include daily rentals. Rent quickly with our ever efficient online rental system. only $24/ day per adult and $15/day per child.. Rent acurrent season ski package that includes skis, boots, and poles. Our rental line is specifically designed to help make skiing easier.  Youth ski packages start at only $15. You may add on a helmet (recommended) for only $6. Pole Rentals are only $5.00!

Full-Service Tune Shop:

We have a full-service tune shop for skis and snowboards. Every September, we offer Half Off all tuning services from a machine wax to mounting services. Take advantage of ski tuning early so you are instantly ready for your first day. We also offer a wide range of top tuning supplies, including: waxes for all temperatures, tables, irons, ptex for repair, and much more!

    • Waxing
    • Edge sharpening
    • P-Tex Repair
    • Base Grinds
    • Remounts
    • Mounts
    • and more!
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