10 things forgotten on opening day

By Yeti Nov 1, 2011
Many items on the list you gladly forgot, while others you'd wish were never forgotten.
10 things forgotten on opening day

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Opening day is greeted with smiles as wide as the Great Salt Lake and fist pumps by the many who survived summer.  Utah resorts are hopeful to open the season next weekend, a time that each of us will find something forgotten.

10 - Replace bike rack with ski rack

9 - Clean socks

8 - Last season’s legs

7 - Names of your favorite runs
6 - Licking the chairlift is still a bad idea
5 - Girlfriend

4 - Names of your friends you haven’t seen since last winter

3 - Remembering why you bought that Endless Winter shirt

2 - To get a job

1 - Summer

This list only represents the tip of the iceberg, the tip of the ski season, what else have you/will you forget the first day of the ski season?