Last One Down, the official beer of Summer in Utah's Mountains

By Abby Stanislaw Jun 13, 2024
Discover Utah's mountain biking and craft beer scene with Wasatch Brew Pub ambassador Emily West, blending adventure and refreshing post-ride brews.
Last One Down, the official beer of Summer in Utah's Mountains

Utah locals know that as the excitement of the winter winds down, the anticipation of summer activities heats up. Wasatch Brewery ambassador Emily West knows this better than anyone. A Utah native, Emily recently started mountain biking in the summer of 2021 when the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we were able to spend time with friends. That summer Emily discovered that mountain biking gives her the same excitement and accessibility to flow state that she got with snowboarding, and most importantly, the same social connection over a post-ride beer that she has experienced with the après scene at Utah’s legendary ski resorts. 


For decades, Utah has been known for The Greatest Snow On Earth® at some of the best ski resorts on the continent, yet the booming mountain bike industry in the Wasatch often gets overlooked. Many bikers will attest that mountain biking is quite similar to skiing or snowboarding. As Emily experienced, one can progress so quickly when using the ski resorts as your playground. Chair-lift-accessed biking offers riders at all skill levels the ability to progress without the fatigue that follows a grueling uphill climb. Deer Valley Resort, Solitude Mountain Resort, Park City Mountain, and Sundance Mountain Resort all offer incredible downhill mountain biking trails that cater to everyone. Emily highlights Sundance Mountain Resort as her favorite place to ride. Because of Sundance Mountain Biking, Emily discovered that mountain biking at resorts isn’t just for the pros but is somewhere that everyone can grow their confidence on the trails. Her favorite feature of Sundance Mountain Resort is that from the “Novice Flow Trail,” one can take a variety of offshoots satisfying every ability level. 

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Emily reminisced on one of her favorite days biking at Sundance Mountain Resort during which she had ventured off of the Novice Trail onto some of the more technical sections. She pushed the envelope of her skill level, crashed a few times, and always hopped back onto her bike for another attempt. She reports that the flow state, feeling bike-body separation, and cornering were incredibly reminiscent of sensations she felt snowboarding. She remembers this particular day fondly. After riding she cracked open a Wasatch Brewery “Last One Down” with her friends to celebrate her accomplishments as a newer rider improving her skill set with every fall. “There is a spectrum there,” Emily shares that pushing your boundaries while biking not only leaves you feeling proud of your accomplishments but also makes the crisp lager taste notably satisfying.


As Emily discovered last season, lift-accessed mountain biking truly does have something for everyone. Park City Mountain offers chair-lift riding which gives one access to an assortment of cross-country style trails including climbs to Utah’s own “Wasatch Crest Trail,” cutting about 2,000ft off of the Crest climb from the top of the Crescent chair. The neighboring Deer Valley Resort offers some of Utah’s most well-known downhill terrain and is conveniently located above Main Street, where one can visit a variety of apres locations including Wasatch Brewery and High West Distillery and Saloon, to name a few. Solitude Mountain Resort recently revamped their downhill mountain bike trails featuring flow trails unique and conveniently located just outside of Salt Lake City up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

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In the summer months, Utah’s resorts continue to offer best-in-class service concerning bike rentals, lessons, and terrain. In contrast to the winter, the summer lends to a more laid-back vibe typically with shorter lift lines and a more local-driven crowd. Beers tend to be enjoyed at the trailhead in the company of friends rather than indoors at a cozy bar. Each has its special perks. Many riders can relate to the satisfaction of reaching into a cooler for a crisp beer; there is little more rewarding than being sweaty, covered in dirt, and having pushed your limits than hearing the crisp pop of a beer can top.  Emily points out the parallels and contrasts between après ski and après bike ride beers. She states that her favorite post-ski beverages are a bit richer and hoppier such as the Polygamy Porter and Juicy IPA. In contrast, she tends to reach for lighter or fruitier beers such as the Last One Down and Apricot Hefeweizen in the summer months to cool off after a big ride.

Many riders can relate to the satisfaction of reaching into a cooler for a crisp beer; there is little more rewarding than being sweaty, covered in dirt, and having pushed your limits than hearing the crisp pop of a beer can top.

Emily and many other locals have discovered, that the transition from winter to summer in Utah is seamless and invigorating, especially when mountain biking and craft beer come together. The Last One Down Lager embodies this spirit perfectly, capturing the essence of both the thrill of the ride and the satisfaction of a cold, crisp beer at the end of a long, dirty, sweaty day on the trails. The craft beer scene in Salt Lake City, with its diverse and refreshing offerings, complements the vibrant mountain bike culture, creating a unique and welcoming environment for both seasoned riders and newcomers alike. Whether you’re finding your flow on the slopes in winter or the trails in summer, Utah's dynamic outdoor lifestyle and exceptional brews ensure that the adventure never ends.

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