1st Blower turns of the season

By Snowboard Muse Nov 5, 2014
Hiked for hours to find the perfect slope to slash a few turns. We found some of that Utah pow!
1st Blower turns of the season

Grass Slash

Tuesday November 4th, a few days after the our 1st dump here in Utah, Shane “Croshane” Hillyard, Alex Gavic and I set off to find the best snow we could. We ended up hiking deep into Little Cottonwood Canyon gaining as much elevation as possible until we found the best snow we could. Here are a few of the standout shots we got!



Reassembling after my 1st line.


Hey Guys!  Hey Guys! 


Superior looking insane!

We had an awesome view of Superior all day! 


Super slash

 No really, an AMAZING view...

Pulling Skins

Pulling Skins at the Summit.


13/14 Rossignol XV Magtec Split

13/14 Rossignol XV Magtec Split in her natural enviornment


Mowing some lunch

Lunch! Ohh thank god!


Rossi Poke

This board DESTROYS pow... 14/15 Rossignol XV Magtec Split



Pitted bro!!!


Needless to say we had a great day. Honestly the snowpack is not deep enough just yet. I do NOT recommend going skiing or snowboarding just yet. Soon enough there will be some amazing riding to be had!!


ALL PHOTOS taken by Croshane on Nov 4th 2014. He is most definitely the most talented photographer, filmer and editor I know as well as being relentlessly positive and in the backcountry. Check out his Facebook Photographer page here. He also filmed and edited my Snogression post.

 Alex Gavic is a badass snowboarder that I’ve been riding with for years. He is someone who’s judgement I trust and riding style is inspiring. Check out this athlete page here.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more fun!!!

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