First Day Tips!

By Mountain Mama Dec 1, 2014
We finally have our first day on the slopes under our belt. The first day can be a little rough. Trying to remember how to ski and snowboard is one thing, but all the gear, snacks and other stuff can be a challenge. Read on for a few tips to get back in the swing of things.
First Day Tips!

We finally got back on the slopes after an 8 month break. I have to admit it was liking getting back on a bike, we just took right off. I was quite impressed with Emily and Brennan as they just did their thing. The video was of their very first run!



Emily will be skiing again on the Brighton Competition Team and Brennan will be joining Team Utah Snowboarding team. It will be a new chapter for me, as I will be doing a lot of free skiing for the first time ON MY OWN. Will see how that goes.  Probably a lot more coffee/relax breaks.

On this day, we headed up to Brighton. We slept in and got a late start which was fine with me. The beauty of Utah is you can do that. With all the resorts only a 30 minute drive or less from the valley, you can leave late and still get a great day of skiing in.'s the getting ready thing that can get you.  Remembering where all your gear is, what to pack, does it all fit...can be overwelming.

Here is a list of things to do before the big day arrives:

1. Tune your skis: Make sure each year to check the bindings. Before you go in, have your weight and height-kids change over the summer.

2. Try on the boots: While in the ski shop, have them measure the kids feet and bring in your boots-you'll need them to set the bindings anyway.

3. Try on jackets and pants: I did not do that and Em put her new pants on. Too big!  I had to throw on one of my pants belts to keep them up. A better solution would be suspenders.

4. Make sure they have a good helmet and goggles: Most all resorts require helmets in order for kids to have a lesson and it is just the most safe way to go. The right fit is a must.

5. Make sure mittens don't have rips inside: My kids are notorious for not telling me when there is a rip inside the fingers. Put your hand inside to make sure everything is intact.

6. Hand and feet/toe warmers: I always put one packet of toe warmers and one packet of hand warmers in each of the kids pants pockets. I am impartial to Hot Hands brand. Emily tends to get cold feet, so I put in the whole insole warmers.

7. Snacks: Most important part...must have these in the jacket pockets. I usually put a sandwich bag full of trail mix, 1 or 2 granola type bars and sometimes a little bit of chocolate for energy. We tend to like the chocolate covered pomegrante/blueberry mix. 

8. Neck gaiter: I also put these in the jacket pocket. Even if it isn't cold when you hop out of the car, at the top of the mountain it can be windy and chilly. A gaiter makes a huge difference!

9. Good base layers: Check out an earlier blog on this subject. Don't go cheap on socks, a jacket or pants. There are always deals and if you buy correctly, you'll get 2 years out of your jacets/pants.

10: Braid girls hair: It doesn't get snarled when you pull of helmets/hats. Less crying, I promise. Note Emily's hair. We got that tip from watching Hannah Kearney-US Mogal skier.

11. Put all your gear out the night before: I lay everything out down in the basement so when the morning arrives, it is about getting dressed and eating a healthy breakfast.

12. I put kids boots on at home: If you have your gear already, it is easier to put the boots and pants on before you leave the house. That way when you get to the resort, it's just the bag of mittens/helmets and jackets that need to go on. Don't tighten down the boots, just put them on.

13: And last, a cooler with some food: If your kids are like mine, they are alwyas hungry. I put some cheese, gogurts, fruit, water and juice in a cooler. That way when you're done for the day or are having a break, they can have a quick snack. Yes, you wil probably buy lunch, but if you can run back to the car, it makes for nice little time out on a nice day.

If you have any tips you'd like to pass along, let me. Enjoy!