2016 Ski Tech You Won't Want to Miss

By Travel Tips and Deals Mar 8, 2016
What’s techy about skiing and riding? Lots! The tech under foot is the beginning, and then there is the tech in your pocket, on your body, or even your ride to the hill.
2016 Ski Tech You Won't Want to Miss

What’s techy about skiing and riding? Strap one or two boards to your feet and you're done…no way! There is so much more to skiing and riding. The tech under foot is the beginning, and then there is the tech in your pocket, on your body, or even your ride to the hill. I decided to dig around for some inexpensive fun stuff that could make your next ski or snowboarding experience more fun. I also tossed in a fun place to learn freestyle...even in summer!

Here’s a look at some of the way new technology and services skiers get to pick from this season:

Apps and Tools

Avatech - Avatech, an outdoor technology company focused on developing breakthrough, mountain safety technologies, announced the launch of Avanet, last November. Avanet is world’s first crowdsourced, real-time platform of mountain safety information. The app can be downloaded from their site or the App Store. 

“Our global mountain community can now share real-time, geo-tagged observations of snow conditions, weather, wind, avalanches and more,” says Brint Markle, co-founder and CEO of Avatech.

SkiLynxKeep track of friends and family plus send quick location messages on the slope using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Mark Danks, Wearlynx, Inc. co-founder explains, “Our algorithms automatically account for crisscrossing trails, riding up vs. skiing down, and two-way chairlifts, so you always know where you and your friends are on the mountain.” Download SkiLynx from the App Store.

Ski with Me  - No ski buddy, no problem! SkiWithMe is a free app that makes easy to chat with people who are looking to ski or board with someone. Search by resort or see who has checked in at nearby mountains. You can also find which mountain your friends are riding through Facebook connect. 

Snocru – I love Snocru! Why? Well it’s social for one, and many of the skiers and riders I know use it as well so we can connect and give each other “high 5s” during a day on the hill. I also like that it lets me share photos and will share them to other networks as selected. You can create a “day cru” to stay in touch with friends and family or perhaps use the tracking function to challenge them to a “vertical feet” competition, of greatest number of runs. If free and fun, a definite must-download before your next snow day.


Epic Mix – Available at 10 resorts including Park City Mountain in Utah, Epic Mix tracks your vertical feet lets you post to Facebook and Twitter and reports snow conditions. The app also has trail maps for each resort. Available on the App Store.

TraxPlay - Spendy but effective, you can keep track of kiddos on the slope (and elsewhere) using this cool little device. It measures 2.1” x 1.5” so it will fit in a pocket or backpack. Better yet, it works well in multiple countries and on dogs. “We developed Trax GPS tracker because parents and pet owners need an easier-to-use and smaller device to stay close to their loved ones,” says Mikael Karlsson, founder of Wonder Technology Solutions.

With trax’s free app the user can draw Geofences around areas like schools, playgrounds, sportsfields, parks, friends’ houses... These can be scheduled to operate on specific days or hours of the week. Users can be notified if their child or pet moves outside of the “fence” or is moving above a certain speed (as if in a car).


SkyTechSport – Virtual reality skiing. Choose your conditions (hard pack, powder, crud), incline, even bumps and moguls. Used by the US Ski Team, Sky Tech’s simulators are great for off season training, teaching, and the opportunity to ski some of the world’s most famous courses. Learn more about Sky Tech Sports HERE.

UberSki - Need a ride to the slopes? uberSKI services all resorts along the Wasatch Front – from Ogden, to Park City, to the Cottonwoods – and has the same base pricing of uberX and uberXL (with a nominal $4 surcharge). So whether you’re at the airport, downtown, or just lounging at home, you can reach the slopes with the tap of a button!


Snogression– Learn freestyle skiing and snowboarding in a safe facility, even off season, using progressive learning. Snogression offers this opportunity to new riders and those looking to push their skills safely. High-quality trampolines give you the airtime needed to learn new tricks, yet are surrounded by pits filled with foam blocks. Super cool!