4 feet at Snowbird...

By Snowboard Muse Dec 29, 2015
Epic snow has returned to Utah. Everyone got hammered. This is why I moved to Utah!!!
4 feet at Snowbird...

What a week! Almost 5' of snow at most of the resorts in Utah. I hit Snowbird with a talented crew and things got a little weird! Check it!

Dont Sweat the Technique fullsize 700x467

Riders-Andrew Muse, Justin Latimire, James Buehler, Austin Smith, Camila Brown, Ian Lienbach and more!

Skiers-Johny Colinson, Katie Hitchcock

Filmers- Andrew Muse, Croshane Hillayrd, Taylor Maag

Edit by Croshane (Croshane Media)

Two Planks fullsize 700x467


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